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Raytheon receives $20 million DARPA contract to continue hypersonic missile development


Russian scientists drop new neutrino telescope into Lake Baikal


Exoplanet Puzzle: How Is This Giant Alien Planet Too Big for Its Star?


Solar Blast, Planets, Storms | S0 News May 22, 2015


Meet ‘Patrick’: The robotic proctology-simulation ass


Racist white woman on subway


‘Criminal Meeting’ of Bikers in Waco was Actually Organized Political Gathering


Quantum physics: What is really real?


First 21 Days Of Bee's Life Revealed In Hypnotizing 60-Sec Time-Lapse [VID]


Waco Revisionism: Police Retract ‘1,000 Weapons’ Claim, 4 of Dead Had No Texas Criminal Records


Bad drivers beware: New 'ghosts' patrolling the N.J. Turnpike




Editor In Chief Of World’s Best Known Medical Journal: Half Of All The Literature Is False


Family Raises $187m For Cancer Patients, Blows It All On Life Of Luxury Instead



M6.9 Earthquake, STARWATER | S0 News May 21, 2015


Protons set to collide at 13 TeV to prepare for physics


Indonesia sinks 41 illegal fishing boats, including one from China


The Hidden 'Betrayal' In Obama's Trade Agenda


Arrest warrant issued for suspect in quadruple murder at upscale DC home


Game of Thrones: The Musical – Peter Dinklage Teaser | Red Nose Day


West Seattle couple leaves all their assets — $847,215 — to Uncle Sam


Stone tools found in Kenya pre-date humans by half-a-million years


Church of Satan Year 50 Conclave


Wal Thornhill: The Star ‘Proto-Saturn’ | EU Workshop


Hancock’s smoking gun evidence that comet destroyed ancient civilisation hidden at Gobekli Tepe, Gunung Padang


This solar powered floating farm can produce 20 tons of vegetables every day


The killers of a wealthy CEO, his wife and their son ordered pizza from a local Domino's as they tortured the family inside their Washington, D.C mansion


UK police suspect 1433 of child sex abuse, including 261 'people of public prominence'


Man with knife fatally shot by Summit County Sheriff's Deputy> NO PROTESTS!


New evidence has linked Arctic warming with severe weather in countries including the UK and US.


Chinese Gold Standard Would Need a Rate 50 Times Bullion’s Price


Pravda: China Has 30,000 Tonnes Of Gold



Why race is the main reason the murderous bloodbath in Waco was handled with velvet gloves


1,300 Dead Birds Found On Beach: Mysterious Death Of Sea Birds In Chile Narrowed Down

Uptick Begins, Robitaille's Latest | S0 News May 20, 2015


Alarming Surge In Murders And Shootings In Baltimore


Technically, Earth Does Not Orbit Around the Sun


Students sue Florida school, saying they were forced to undergo vaginal probes


Black shit talker gets smacked


Have Scientists Just Spotted Stonehenge-Style ‘Standing Stones’ On A Comet?


Ferguson Protesters Promised Cash To “Simulate Chaos,” Now Soros’ Group Won’t Pay, So They’re Protesting THEM


Woman says she killed cats with hammer because grandkids refused to clean rooms



Magnetic Storm, Magnetic Orion | S0 News May 19, 2015


Texas Legislature Kills Marijuana Bills


‘Illuminati’ Launches Recruitment Website And PR Campaign



One Stunning Photo Is Turning America's Racist History on Its Head


The Big Box Theory




Funniest mexican videos


Michigan Baby Dies, Pathologists Confirm Vaccines Responsible


Space Weather, Ice Records | S0 News May 18, 2015


Low-Salt Diets Reduce Heart Disease Risk, Right? A Study Disagrees


These bladeless wind turbines shake to generate electricity


America Was Providing Military Aid to the USSR, While Also Supporting Nazi Germany


National Geographic loves weed so much, they're devoting an entire print issue to it


Mayan pyramid bulldozed by road construction firm


NASA scientists are stumped by this dwarf planet


Colombia Halts Aerial Spraying of Crops Used to Make Cocaine


The World We Live In: Marijuana K-Cups Now Exist

Proof that Osama bin Laden Was CIA and Died in 2001!


Did the collider at CERN cause the Nepal earthquakes?


US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”


The Nikola Tesla Interview hidden for 116 years!


Russia and China Pledge Not to Hack Each Other


Planets Lining Up - Big Week Ahead | S0 News May 17, 2015




Meet the Newest State of Matter


Spectacular Filament Eruption | S0 News May 16, 2015


Miley Cyrus covers Khia's "My Neck, My Back."



Former Scorpions Bass Player Admits to Attending Snuff Parties

Read More: Former Scorpions Bass Player Admits to Attending Snuff Parties |

Former Scorpions Bass Player Admits to Attending Snuff Parties


Roger Waters to Dionne Warwick: “You are showing yourself to be profoundly ignorant of what has happened in Palestine since 1947″


A chicken embryo with a dinosaur-like snout instead of a beak has been developed by scientists


Gay Couple Sues Airlines for Exposing Sex Toy Covered in Fecal Matter


Girl Scouts of America policy change: Boys dressing as girls can join


China’s Yuan May Draw $1 Trillion on Getting IMF Reserve Status


Washington state governor declares drought emergency


Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down for Serving Human Flesh


The Chelation of Saturn



USDA creates new government certification and labeling for GMO-free foods


CME En Route, Magnetic Reversal | S0 News May 15, 2015


- See more at:

College Student Confronts Jeb Bush “Your Brother Created ISIS”


“I Am Not Backing Off Anything I Said”: An Interview With Seymour Hersh



A Tucson man is in custody after climbing an 80-foot light pole in Surprise and waving an upside-down American flag


Sun Erupts CMEs | S0 News May 14, 2015


Report: 1,580 IRS workers evaded taxes over 10-year period


Idaho Cops Shoot Pregnant Woman In the Stomach With AR-15


NASA space probe spots all five of Pluto's known moons


Woman steals ambulance, crashes into semi-truck


How NASA technology found trapped Nepal earthquake survivors


At least 67 killed, dozens missing in fire at footwear factory in Philippines


Harriet Tubman Wins Vote To Replace Andrew Jackson On $20 Bill


The European Space Agency takes drastic action after eruptions of dust and gas force a reset of its Rosetta spacecraft


The Top 8 “Conspiracy Theories” That Are Turning Out To Be True


One Of The Most Important Scientists In The World: “Most Cancer Research Is Largely A Fraud”


NASA Research Reveals Europa's Mystery Dark Material Could Be Sea Salt


Astrophysicists prepare weather forecasts for planets beyond our solar system


More evidence that the Milky Way has four spiral arms

Cosmic magnetic fields


'I can't be racist because I'm an ethnic minority woman'


Purina Employee Arrested for Stealing and Eating Over 30,000$ of Dog Biscuits


Ancient Exopolitics and the Supernatural - Graham Hancock LIVE


Ohio sheriff’s deputy body-slammed drunk man before he died


DEA Steals $16K From Innocent Man, Leaves Him Without a Way Home


Rare straight lightning over Zimbabwe


Big Japan Quake, Magnetic Storm | S0 News May 13, 2015


'World's most dangerous' theme park reopens in New Jersey


Florida Man Turns Himself In For Murdering Imaginary Friend


NASA Selects Advanced Space Technology Concepts for Further Study


Man who saved dog from hot car charged for breaking window


Verizon buys AOL for $4.4 billion


Science Says Smoking Weed Might Be The Reason Your Vagina Is So Dry


Scientists show 'breaking waves' perturb Earth's magnetic field


Osama Bin Laden’s Obituary Notice. December 26, 2001


Morgan Freeman calls for marijuana legalisation 'across the board'


Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015




A Global Coastal Event on May 28, 2015


2 Babies die, 37 others sickened by vaccines in southern Mexico



Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine—And America Wants It


M7 Quake in Nepal Again, Quake Factors | S0 News May 12, 2015


Ceres’ White Spots Multiply in Latest Dawn Photos


An abandoned mall in Bangkok has been overtaken by fish


Hillary equates gun owners with terrorists


These three guys were crabbing on a tiny rowboat when they get the surprise of their lives


Police find $100 Worth Of Walmart Groceries In Woman’s Vagina




Google says its self-driving cars have had 11 crashes



Magnetic Complexity, Storm Alerts | S0 News May 11, 2015


Mother's Day brawl at Red Lobster leads to 4 arrests


FCC shoots down petitions to delay open internet rules


The killing of Bin Laden - IT WAS ALL A LIE - Seymour Hersh


VIDEO: Al Sharpton Compares Himself to MLK… Here’s What MLK’s Niece Had to Say About That


Discovery of 'missing link' between the two main life-forms on Earth could explain evolution of animals


Restaurant to give 'White Appreciation Day' discount


ACLU Sues Police For Jailing Exodus Fan Who Posted 'Threatening' Lyrics to Facebook


Did You Buy Kettle Chips? File Your Claim and Get Up to $20 Back — No Receipt Required! - See more at:

Did You Buy Kettle Chips? File Your Claim and Get Up to $20 Back — No Receipt Required!



Severe Storm Alert, Loki | S0 News May 10, 2015



Beautiful Solar Eruption, Updates | S0 News May 9, 2015



Apple Has Plans for Your DNA


An army of robot-crane hybrids will be assembled to build Google’s new headquarters in California


The US and CERN upgrade their relationship


Spiders Create Graphene-Infused Super Webs


Jesse Ventura Uncensored: Bernie’s Brilliant Move


Tesla's Model III goes 200 miles per charge and costs $35,000



Why Are FEMA Domes Going Up Behind Texas Grade Schools!

Focus Fusion: Eco-Safe, Clean & Cheap Energy


Eruptions on Saturn’s moon are like curtains, not geysers



NASA’s Hubble Finds Giant Halo Around the Andromeda Galaxy


The Calm, Top News, UFO Debunked | S0 News May 8, 2015


No Country for White Children


Students’ Cellphone Cameras Capture How a Large Substitute Teacher Reacts to Being Called the N-Word


Sperm Whale Shit Will Make You Rich


Jaws spotted off the Jersey Shore? This shark tracker says so


Doctors: Worst of allergy season is yet to come


Israeli Defense Minister Promises to Kill More Palestinian Civilians and Threatens to Nuke Iran


Stone bracelet is oldest ever found in the world


Grandmother Finds Free Bag of Cocaine in Her Granola Bar


Obama’s Pentagon Issues Response to Texas’ Move Against “Martial Law” Exercises


Self-Sufficient Couple Builds Their Own Floating Off-Grid Island - See more at:

Self-Sufficient Couple Builds Their Own Floating Off-Grid Island


Town Installs License Plate Scanning Cameras in Cactuses



Saturn Moon's Activity Could Be 'Curtain Eruptions'


Astronomers May Have Found Volcanoes 40 Light-Years From Earth


Big Quake, Magnetic Storm, Top Stories | S0 News May 7, 2015


Astronomers set a new galaxy distance record


Michelle Obama Says Minorities Are Not Welcome In These Places….


Best Evidence Yet That Black Holes Exist


How Many Spiders Did You Eat In Your Sleep Last Night?


Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Recreate ''More Than Words'' Music Video


Florida Man Attempts To Cash $368 Billion Check


Ocean Floor Fish Camouflage


Texas House Committee approves bill to make marijuana legal for adults


New exoplanet too big for its star


Preview with Richard Moore | EU2015


Take a look at the very first images of thunder


Police: Anne Arundel County police officer bites man's testicles



'Puffed up planet' orbiting small star discovered by Australian astronomers


Pizza Hut order reveals hostage situation


This 700,000-year-old Human Skull Challenges the Prevailing Theory of Human Evolution


$17 million of cocaine accidentally delivered to Aldi stores


X2.7 Solar Flare, CME Impact | S0 News May 6, 2015


HomeManny Pacquiao -- Hit with Class Action Suit


Fans file lawsuit against Pacquiao


Episode 2 Symbols of an Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars (Full Documentary)


NASA crashes spacecraft into Mercury


Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time


Mysterious 'X-Files' sounds heard miles above the Earth


Fifth Dead Whale In 3 Weeks Washes Ashore NorCal Beach


Odd Push in Drug-Averse Norway: LSD Is O.K.


Florida Couple in 'Sex on the Beach' Case Found Guilty, Must Register as Sex Offenders


Why is JP Morgan Accumulating the Biggest Stockpile of Physical Silver in History?


Chase Bank to restrict cash payments


Why is this Bank Stockpiling Silver Like There’s No Tomorrow?


How Filthy Is Your Beard?


China Releases Moon Footage of Alien Bases


Slideshow of All 200 Entries in the Garland, TX 'Draw Muhammed' Contest


Russellville Mayor Issues Statement After “White Pride Radio” Billboard Goes Up


Unique historic color video shows Berlin just 2 months after WWII


This strange plant only grows where there are diamonds beneath the ground


M7 Quake, Sunspots Growing | S0 News May 5, 2015




Eyeball Tattoos Are a Bizarre and Disturbing New Trend


The Completely Unexpected Reason People Call Others 'Conspiracy Theorists' | Space News



Mysterious Glow Detected At Center Of Milky Way Galaxy


What would you see in a black hole?


Lesbian Coach Who Called For Burning Down ‘Memories Pizza’ Fired




An Unexpected Aurora over Norway


The EIP Laser Turntable plays records without touching them


There's Power In The Atmosphere: Watch It Power This Motor


Police try to trace owner of ear bitten off in fight


Leafblower vs fire ..... pretty cool.


The oldest account of Bigfoot was recorded in 986 AD


Military eyeing former Cold War mountain bunker as ‘shield’ against EMP attack?


Israel Is Preparing For Alien Invasion — Are The ‘Tall White’ Aliens Coming?



UFO San Diego 2015 - One Of The Best Ever


Giant Waves, Delta Class Sunspot | S0 News May 4, 2015


$1.7M ZR48 Corvette Carbon Fiber Powerboat 2,700 HP!


Sharpton Calls For a Federal Police Force

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany


What You Were Never Told About The Great War


2 armed attackers killed outside Mohammed ‘art event’ in Texas


Graham Hancock Egypt Tour - April 2015


Carson: ‘I’m announcing my candidacy for president’


Water Desalination Using 99% Less Energy With Pefrorene



These Charts Show Every Genetically Modified Food People Already Eat in the U.S.


CME Shockwave Coming Our Way | S0 News May 3, 2015


Too Many White Hip-Hop Fans Don’t Give a Shit About Black People


Weird Object: Stephan's Quintet


Girl on CNN just now said " y'all are the ones who brought us over here"


Big Backside Solar Blast, New Partnership | S0 News May 2, 2015


Hidden Camera Catches NYPD Cops Arresting Man For No Reason


Vanishing Clusters Of People 'Chilling New Patterns' Found  In Mysterious Disappearances


Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego


A volcano may be erupting off the Oregon coast, scientists say


The Universe Might Be A Giant Hologram


Dad's reply to school on kids' absence is best response ever


Why Tesla’s announcement is such a big deal


Officers shoot suspect firing from back of police cruiser


Multifractals suggest the existence of an unknown physical mechanism on the Sun


The Dark Matter Conspiracy


Why NATO is terrified of Russia


There may be a volcano erupting off the coast of Oregon: Is it a threat?


The trillion-frame-per-second camera


Tesla's battery just killed fossil and nuclear power


Zoo Keeper Helps Constipated Monkey Pass Peanut By Licking Its Butt For An Hour


Sharpton Calls for DOJ to ‘Take Over Policing,’ ‘Going to Have to Fight States’ Rights’


Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall


Tesla’s $3,000 Powerwall Will Let Households Run Entirely On Solar Energy



Two Big Quakes, Major Announcements | S0 News May 1, 2015


What Happens When You Ask Male College Students To #EndUrinalPrivilege?


'Brutal' black-on-white mob attack near Baltimore


Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire


Former NASA officials reveal the best kept secret of the US government?


Preview with Ben Davidson | EU2015


TV2 Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine Shows Lives of Young Women Ruined


Hot Topic Launches PENNY DREADFUL-Inspired Fashion Collection


Nasa says EmDrive does work and it may have also created a Star Trek warp drive


Mount Everest Shrank As Nepal Quake Lifted Kathmandu


US lowers fluoride levels in drinking water for first time in over 50 years


19-year-old shot 4 times by deputies during welfare check


Gigantic 100-metre sinkhole leaves Ukrainian villagers terrified


Mysterious Whale Deaths: 4 Carcasses Wash Ashore NorCal Beaches This Month


NASA May Have Accidentally Discovered Faster-Than-Light Travel


NYPD Cop Paws on Woman Standing on Sidewalk Before Pouncing on Friend for Recording


Fire and Ice: A MESSENGER Recap



Iran's Zarif: Netanyahu is sitting on 400 nuclear warheads


3-D printing is so last year! We're onto 4-D printing now


What's next for the Hubble telescope?


Portable machine turns salt water into drinking water using solar power


NASA's NuSTAR Captures Possible 'Screams' from Zombie Stars


NASA’s New Horizons Detects Surface Features, Possible Polar Cap on Pluto


Space Weather, Planets Lining Up | S0 News April 30, 2015


Jeff Rense & Jordan Maxwell - The Controllers Of Planet Earth


Comet Churyumov Gerasimenko in Crescent


- See more at:

Do Not Let Your Ego Get In the Way of Testing This Italian all Electric Super Bike


Senators vote to block EPA’s use of ‘secret science’


Silent Killer Hidden in Your Kitchen Pantry: MSG


Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says


Iranian General accuses US of organising September 11 terror attacks


China has built a prototype for a train that's 3 times faster than a plane


Defiant Gun Range Owner Refuses To Reverse Her Anti-Muslim Policy



fatal shooting of 20-year-old Detroit resident


walmart loss prevention beat the shit out of shoplifter video


Robotic telescope discovers three super-Earth planetary neighbors


Progress spacecraft plunging towards Earth


Ferguson protest leaders Deray and ShordeeDooWhop were flown in to help stir up the hatred and violence.


Pennsylvania high school students organize “Anti-Gay Day”


Nanotechnology Used In Ancient Rome -- Scientists Puzzled


Negative interest rates put world on course for biggest mass default in history


Gov orders Texas guard to monitor military exercises over fears of federal takeover


PROOF of Life, Vegetation and Water on Mars and remains of ancient civilization!


Sun Erupts, Beautiful CME | S0 News April 29, 2015


Riots Continue


There are now two Americas


Tracking the Sulfur Dioxide from Calbuco





The US Government Wants You To Hate Snowden, And It’s Working


Discourses on an Alien Sky #12 | Turning Crescent & Pillar of the Sky


How to Talk to Your Parents About Marijuana


Dear Racist, Looting, Rioting Scumbags in Baltimore…


This Dildo Holds Your Dead Lover's Ashes 


Suzanne Crough, best remembered as Tracy on ‘The Partridge Family,’ dies at 52


The Satanic Bible & The Satanic Rituals together in one hardcover volume!


Jesus Christ the family man? Why the church won’t buy it



Eruption Warning, GMO Update | S0 News April 28, 2015




That's no moon! Spacecraft mistaken for new natural satellite


"Far-Reaching Implications" -An Ancient Solar System Almost as Old as the Milky Way


Computer Program Diagnoses Cancer


The USGS Is Mapping Human-Caused Earthquake Hazards


This Is The Smartest - Most Honest Black Man In The World!


Is LSD about to return to polite society?


Zahi Hawass vs Graham Hancock -- the April 2015 "debate" debacle


FREDDY GRAY’S ARREST RECORD: Here’s The Rap Sheet Of The Guy They’re Destroying Baltimore Over

Astronomers find runaway galaxies


Virtual Telescope Expands to See Black Holes


Thick atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan fluctuates with Sun's cycle



Massive Filament Faces Earth | S0 News April 27, 2015


The greatest lie ever told - The Holocaust - 2015 Documentary HD


10 mind-blowing facts about the vaccine industry that the mainstream media still refuses to report


Two Sets of UFOs Seen at Calbuco Volcano Eruption in Chile


7 Leftovers You Should NEVER Reheat (As This Could Poison Your Family)


What's the spot on World Ceres?


Studies Link Social Anxiety To High IQs, Empathetic Ability, & Sentinel Intelligence - See more at:
Studies Link Social Anxiety To High IQs, Empathetic Ability, & Sentinel Intelligence - See more at:
Studies Link Social Anxiety To High IQs, Empathetic Ability, & Sentinel Intelligence - See more at:

Studies Link Social Anxiety To High IQs, Empathetic Ability, & Sentinel Intelligence



S0 Live April 26, 2015


Russian hackers read unclassified Obama emails – report


- See more at:

Uncovered: Tesla’s Patent For World’s 1st “Flying Saucer”


1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says


Millimeter-sized stones formed our planet


Liquid mercury found under Mexican pyramid could lead to king's tomb


Sky burial




Deadly New Trend In Alabama Called ‘Rubbing’ Has Arrests At An All-Time High



Scientists find missing link in Yellowstone plumbing


Hubble's Look at an Extragalactic Peculiarity


M7.9 DISASTER IN NEPAL | S0 News April 25, 2015


7.9-magnitude quake strikes Nepal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Where not to toke: a look at marijuana citations across the US


Crowdfunded Science Is Here. But Is It Legit Science?


This is not a joke: The Air Force simulated an alien attack


'Free Range' Parents Found Responsible for Child Neglect After Allowing Kids to Walk Home Alone


Diet Pepsi Switches From Aspartame To Sucralose


He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World!


Malcolm X’s daughter: It’s ‘ridiculous’ that white people aren’t allowed to use the N-word


ACLU sues feds to force Catholic charities to provide abortions for illegal immigrants


12-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Dismissed From School for Low Attendance


Google's Plan to "Estimate Web Sources' Trustworthiness" | Space News



Earthquakes, CME, Yelverton's Lab | S0 News April 24, 2015


For The First Time, Visible Light From An Exoplanet Detected


Astronomers find runaway galaxies


The Godfathers of Hardcore


Physicists detect radio waves from a single electron


Binary black holes found verging on merging


Hubble spies a stellar mystery


McDonald's to close 900 stores amid falling profits


25 years later: Who got the Hubble telescope off the ground?


20 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Arizona


House passes bill allowing corporations to share your data


Rosetta update: Two close flybys of an increasingly active comet


China Says Please Stop Hiring Funeral Strippers


Ex-Vatican Translator, Mauro Biglino's Alternative Creation/Translation Theory


Mauro Biglino


Zahi Hawass vs Graham Hancock on significance of Gobekli Tepe


Floating ‘Interdimensional City’ Witnessed by Hundreds of Villagers in Africa



This is the technology that's just been used to genetically modify a human embryo


Saturn-moon connection: It’s electric


Giant Filament, Big Volcano Erupts | S0 News April 23, 2015


imágenes de la erupción del Volcán Calbuco


GM, Ford, And Others Want to Make Working on Your Own Car Illegal


Welcome to rent control! 88,000 apply for 55 apartments


Man recovering after bite to face by deadly pet snake


Erupcion volcan Chile 2015 - Volcan Calbuco


Voices of Rare 'Talking' Turtles May Prevent Their Extinction


China: 43 dinosaur egg fossils found during road repairs in Heyuan


thick plume of ash and smoke shot miles into the sky


Chile's Calbuco volcano erupts


Calbuco volcano eruption



Big Solar Uptick, Big CMEs, More Expected | S0 News April 22, 2015


Exploding whale - What were they thinking?


Exploding Sperm Whales Top 3




Grow Buildings: Underwater Building Through Mineral Accretion


Major Advance in Artificial Photosynthesis Poses Win/Win for the Environment


10 Things You Didn't Know About Vaginas


Mom of Quadriplegic Man Abandoned in Cobbs Creek Park to be Arrested Upon Return


Pedophilia Is Not a Crime, Says Rutgers Prof Margo Kaplan


This gigantic void is the biggest structure we've ever discovered in the universe


NASA: Nobody’s getting to Mars without our help

HIGH PROFITS a new series


CNN Weed 3 Documentary 2015


12 Key People Who Will Influence The Future Of Pot



Ceres' Bright Spots Come Back Into View


Solar Flare, Earthquakes, Mag Storm Watch | S0 News April 21, 2015


Construction Of Thirty Meter Telescope On Hawaii Mountain Is Delayed Again


Rosetta’s scientific imaging system OSIRIS has witnessed a new jet of dust


Giants with Double-Rowed Teeth, Flattened Heads and Six Fingers



Earthquake Upticks, CME Shockwave Analysis | S0 News April 20, 2015


Cops Block Kansas Marijuana Activist From Her Home While Waiting For Search Warrant (VIDEO)


Behold The Deep Fried Doritos Beer Battered Bacon Strips


Woman does PCP and bites BFs penis off


Woman crushes Big Texan steak eating contest with three full meals in less than an hour


Black woman elected Mayor, whole town quits.


Solar Umbral Surge, Storm Alerts | S0 News April 19, 2015


Discourses on an Alien Sky #11 | The Turning Crescent of Heaven


Marijuana For Veterans With PTSD Is Finally Going to Be Legal



UFO? Sunspot, Storm Alerts | S0 News April 18, 2015


Game Hunter Ian Gibson Trampled To Death By Elephant





NYC warns of synthetic 'marijuana' after rash of hospitalizations


A Super Luxury 375 Foot Long Personal Submarine


SiriusXM Denies Entry to Former Radio Host Anthony Cumia


Protosuns teeming with prebiotic molecules


Transverse Electric Discharges



Peru's Ubinas Volcano Triggers Massive Mudslide (VIDEO)


Shocking attack leaves teacher unconscious in school hallway


SpaceX Dragon Launches on Science Supply Run to Station, Booster Hard Lands on Barge


Ceres, Magnetic Storm, Ice | S0 News April 17, 2015


25+ Extremely Beautiful Minerals And Stones


Here's The New SLAYER Song, "When The Stillness Comes"


NASA probe shows first color images of Pluto, moon Charon




The New "Star Wars" Trailer Is Here And It's Pretty Great


Mother accused of having sex with minors at her teenage daughter's party


A Kentucky judge blamed two parents for their young girl's "constant fear of black men"


NASA-funded Study Explains Saturn's Epic Tantrums


young Kurdish girl fires machine gun at ISIS, boasting she's killed 400 


Hillary Clinton: ‘We Really Need Camps for Adults’



Magnetic Storm Watch, Coming Events | S0 News April 15, 2015


man high on flakka has sex with tree, attacks police officer


Beached dolphins feared dead


Sound waves separate rare cancer cells from blood


New solar-powered invention can make sea water drinkable


Icy Tendrils Reaching into Saturn Ring Traced to Their Source


Christie Wants To Be The Anti-Marijuana President To “Crack Down” On States


16 Colouring Books That Are Perfect For Grown-Ups


Study shows novel pattern of electrical charge movement through DNA


U.S. judge won't remove marijuana from most-dangerous drug list


ASTEROID on collision course to hit EARTH, experts fear



*Update* Game Changer OR Paradigm Shift ? – Walter Scott Shooting: Enhanced Video Shows Officer Slager With Taser Darts…


NASA's Spitzer Spots Planet Deep Within Our Galaxy


Magnetic Storm Watch, Coming Events | S0 News April 15, 2015


New Study Claims Eating Bacon May Prolong Your Life


Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Oreos Are A Thing Now


Women Are Asked To Draw Their Ideal Penis


Florida Man Breaks Into Ex’s Home, Poops on Everything


Black people are not here to teach you


Rosetta and Philae  probes  show  comet’s nucleus is not magnetised


The Hubble Space Telescope: The Most Important Instrument Ever Built


Brazil Is Building A Giant Floating Solar Farm


Institutionalized - Chipmunk Punk Suicidal Tendencies cover


The University Of Helsinki Now Offers A Class On The History Of Metal


Video: Mob of high school students attacks man at gas station



Deaths of 100 dolphins in Japan triggers speculation of earthquake


Space-Weather, Saturn Storms, Mars Water | S0 News April 14, 2015


Monty Python changes its tune for Stephen Hawking (+video)


'Dwarf planet' Ceres spawns giant mystery


Two mysterious bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres are not alike


5 Truths About Earth's Magnetic Reversal


Alternative Archaeology and History


Denver bracing for '420' tourists seeking a Mile High


Solar Flare, MORE Sunspots | S0 News April 13, 2015


TV Interview Interrupted by Explosion and Flying Manhole Cover


Airline passenger films UFO orbs over Atlanta, Georgia, USA from airplane


Paracas skulls DNA: “Peruvian skulls are not human”


Cannabranding Is All The Rage As Willie Nelson Announces Entrance to Cannabiz


Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World


For Drinking Water in Drought, California Looks Warily to Sea



skipped a day


Magnetic Field Fading, MAJOR Sunspot | S0 News April 11, 2015


 Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism (2015 Documentary)


Chaotic fatal brawl and shooting at a Walmart caught on dashcam


Teacher pleads guilty to sex with student, posts her joy to social media


The Vagabond Soles "La fourche" The Bitter End - 3.7.15



Magnetic Storm, Quake Watch | S0 News April 10, 2015


'This is a holocaust': Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks out against vaccinating children


Ultimate Slurpee dream: BYO Cup Day is Saturday


Armed rangers on armed guard 24/7 protect the last male northern white rhino left on Earth


Asteroid Juno seen traveling through space


Looser marijuana penalties approved by Wichita voters


Time Lapses Show the Beauty of the American West


Flip-flopping black holes spin to the end of the dance


California vaccine bill clears first committee




Where did the moon come from?


UFO 'battle' over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561


Dash cam video shows the moments before South Carolina police shooting


What Life Is Like with a Giant, Silicone-Enhanced Penis


Ayahuasca Psychedelic Tested for Depression



Fail: Guy Accidentally Tasers Himself While Fooling Around!



Severe Storms Drop Massive Hail Across Plains,


Interplanetary Shockwave, M Flare, Top News | S0 News April 9, 2015


Are Bright Spots on Ceres Electric? | Space News


Surviving Members Of GWAR Sued By DAVE BROCKIE's Father


Monsanto's Dream Bill Returns to Block GMO Labeling Forever - See more at:
Monsanto's Dream Bill Returns to Block GMO Labeling Forever - See more at:

Rosetta's science: expect the unexpected


Monsanto's Dream Bill Returns to Block GMO Labeling Forever


US aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker


Hillary Clinton’s office responds to UFO question


The Alma telescope captures Einstein's ring 12 billion light years away in highest resolution images yet


New understanding of electromagnetism could enable 'antennas on a chip'


Federal Government Finally Admits Cannabis Can Help Kill Cancer Cells


Graham Hancock reveals the real reasons governments want sovereignty over consciousness


Impact Watch, STARWATER, Earthquake Season | S0 News April 8, 2015


Hybrid Creatures Caught On Video!!!


Sun experiences seasonal changes, new research finds


Research findings back up Aboriginal legend on origin of Central Australian palm trees


California activists want water restrictions to include oil industry


Feds give residents of Puerto Rico disability benefits – because they speak Spanish!


Brazilian Prisons Using Hallucinogenics to Rehabilitate Violent Criminals




Another Eruption, Fukushima Radiation | S0 News April 7, 2015


These Freaking Awesome Tents Get Solar Power, Can Harvest Water And Fold Up


Despite historic drought, Governor Jerry Brown has not put restrictions on oil drilling and fracking


19 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl


Step Inside What's Left Of Roseland Ballroom



The Mohorovičić discontinuity


CME Impact Coming, Earthspots | S0 News April 6, 2015


Historic Mass UFO Sighting - Battle Over Los Angeles - Full Documentary


Was 19th Century apewoman a yeti?


Minnesota man pleads guilty to lewd conduct for ejaculating into co-worker’s coffee


Discourses on an Alien Sky | The Tests of Predictive Ability


Solar Explosion, Moon Tubes | S0 News April 5, 2015



Space Weather, Frustrated Magnets | S0 News April 4, 2015


Claw machines are rigged — here's why it's so hard to grab that stuffed animal


This video is In a category of its own and put out by a professor at Northumbria University. Not sure why it's called Mars.


Hash oil explosions prompt proposed changes in pot states


Chicago businessmen follow promise of medical marijuana


Star's birth glimpsed 'in real time'


After 150,000 Years in a Cave, a Neanderthal Skull Looks Like This


Iron Sky Presents: Jesus Attack!



Catastrophic sandstorm blinds Dubai and grounds planes as choking winds rip through desert city


Birth control for humans has dropped fertility in fish


Painting the World with Water


UAB study suggests oil dispersant used in Gulf oil spill causes lung and gill injuries to humans and aquatic animals


Mega-Filament, Sandstorm, COREXIT | S0 News April 3, 2015


Greece draws up drachma plans, prepares to miss IMF payment


The First Church of Cannabis in Indiana


Wiccans say Indiana religious freedom law opens the door to polygamy, nude rituals at the Capitol


Support Memories Pizza


Scary times for Europe's comet-chaser Rosetta


German Engineer 3D Prints World’s First Solar Powered Stirling Engine


Curiosity Sees Prominent Mineral Veins on Mount Sharp, Mars


Affordable 3D printer heating up on Kickstarter


Hubble Finds Phantom Objects Near Dead Quasars


Casting People With Knowledge Of Aliens Or Reptilians Living Among Us


Kickstarter for Mars? What if NASA cuts Mars rover funding? (+video)


Police Abuse of Uber Driver in New York City


DIA pranks conspiracy theorists with 'leaked page'


Despite Decades Of Deforestation, The Earth Is Getting Greener


Jim Nabors Marries at Age 82
Jim Nabors Marries at Age 82

Jim Nabors Marries at Age 82


THIS CRAZY NOTION- the flat earth revolution


"The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation"


Extraordinary photos of mega Typhoon Maysak



Eclipse Coming, Major Shifts | S0 News April 1, 2015


Scientology Is Not a Cult. It's a Religion.


US ready to accept China-led infrastructure bank: Lew


WATCH: Why have humans evolved such large penises?


Woman has a poo standing up in busy hospital corridor in Istanbul


The amazing moment stray dogs showed up at a funeral to pay respects to the kindly lady who used to feed them


University lecturer plays students X-rated video of herself


Military and Police in Florida Practice Detaining Citizens


In 20 years, the world may run out of minable gold


JUDAS PRIEST: Limited-Edition 'British Steel' Coffee Coming Next Month


Archaeology: book says Atlantis in Morocco


Biotechnology Food: From the Lab to a Debacle


Dark Energy Tested on a Tabletop


WATCH: David Lee Roth Busts His Nose On Stage


Is this ET? Mystery of strange radio bursts from space


The ‘Second Moon’ You Didn’t Know Earth Had


In 1906, the Bronx Zoo Put a Black Man on Display in the Monkey House



Celestial penguin the result of galactic destruction


Scientists Explain The Possible Existence Of Reptilian Humanoids

Indiana declares public health emergency over HIV outbreak


Roundup weedkiller 'probably' causes cancer, says WHO study


Monsanto Asks World Health Organization to ‘Retract’ Cancer Link


As Stars Form, Magnetic Fields Influence Regions Big and Small


SW Watch, Top Articles, Storm Alert | S0 News March 31, 2015


Inappropriate manipulation of peer review


How to put out a fire using nothing but bass (+video)



NASA image reveals secret base on Mars


Turbines Harness the Power from Water Flowing Through City Pipes Underground to Power Portland Homes


Major Earthquake Uptick | S0 News March 30, 2015


Discourses on an Alien Sky | Visualizing the Polar Configuration


Araya: Slayer still strange without Hanneman


Ceres Gets Real; Pluto Lurks


Will Einstein's General Relativity Break Under Extreme Conditions?


Rayton's New Super-Efficient, Affordable Solar Panels Could Trump Fossil Fuels


Sun Magnetic Reversal, Space Weather | S0 News March 29, 2015



More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America


Top 6 Climate Change Problems


Eruptions, Cool News, Chile Catastrophe | S0 News March 28, 2015




Video – The Chinese pyramids and the white Giant Mummies Are considered a national secret in China!

Video – The Chinese pyramids and the white Giant Mummies Are considered a national secret in China!


Explosions of Jupiter's aurora linked to extraordinary planet-moon interaction


Rape of 285,000 German Women at the End of WWII Trigger Damage Control by Mainstream Media

Astronomers Upgrade Their Cosmic Light Bulbs


WATCH: N.J. marijuana activist confronts Christie


North Dakota Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Industrial Hemp


Bill to Allow Industrial Hemp Cultivation Passes in New Mexico


30 Facts About The Coming Water Crisis That Will Change The Lives Of Every Person On The Planet


Scientists are baffled why a small cloud survived an epic battle with a black hole


9 Things Guys Need To Stop Doing When Receiving A BJ


At least five Americans accidentally shot off their penises since 2010



I wish I knew this when I 'Woke Up'


Great Wall of Plasma, GMOs | S0 News March 27, 2015


New Evidence May Identify Mystery Object at Milky Way Galaxy's Core


Universe may be on the brink of collapse (on the cosmological timescale)


NASA wants to pluck a boulder from an asteroid. But which asteroid?


LPSC 2015: Aeolian Processes on Mars and Titan


New data world order: government can read every Australian like an open book


47 pounds of pot seized from Gulf Breeze Post Office


Willie Nelson plans to open marijuana dispensaries across the United States


Fact or Fiction?: Dark Matter Killed the Dinosaurs


Galaxy clusters collide—dark matter still a mystery


Antony Spencer AWESOME photos


How Cannabis is Going to Change Life as We Know It


Earth Changes and Hopi World-Ages


Topeka Police Want to See Hands Every Car Stop



Top News, Space Weather, Storm Alert | S0 News March 26, 2015


Moscow demands removal of U.S. nuclear missiles


Child with autism improves with antibiotic; prompts new investigations into autism


Texas leads the nation in unsolved serial highway homicides. Could interstate cooperation deliver closure?




Tornado - Moore OK, Live Weather Report


U.S. Steel laying off 2,000 in Illinois; latest in string of layoffs including 1,800 in Alabama


Dark Matter in the Light


Negro Impaled By Fence Outside Police Department


Off The Coast Of Canada, There’s A Little-Known Island Where Everyone Lives Off The Grid


Iron rain fell on early Earth, new Z machine data supports


Put these marijuana facts in your pipe and smoke um’ (24 Photos)


Water found in gas from Enrite station in Hopatcong


Man Kicked Off Southwest Flight Over Lewd T-Shirt


Researchers Predict ‘Imminent Collapse’ Of Universe After Period Of Rapid Expansion


The NSA’s message from the Extraterrestrials, on their website!


NASA on alert as HUGE Asteroid



Eruption Watch, Tornado Warning | S0 News March 25, 2015


Japan Space Agency Advances in Space-Based Solar Power


A Farmer Drilled For Water, But What Came Up Astounded The World


Amazing Fly Geyser, Exclusive Interview


Dead Sea sinkholes growing at alarming rate


Super Troopers 2


Mayweather-Pacquiao revenue over $400 mn


Horror on motorway in Peru as major bus crash kills at least 36 people


GA Senate passes Rep. Peake's medical marijuana bill


Officer charged with killing unarmed driver lying facedown


Ford's new car will force you to obey the speed limit


The X-Files returning for new series with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny


Marijuana Science: Why Today's Pot Packs a Bigger Punch


Big Bang theory could be debunked by Large Hadron Collider


Prometheus, Pandora, and the braided F ring in motion



US test-fires intercontinental missile in California


Twitter faces gender bias lawsuit


Welcome to the tropics: Bogota covered in 24 inches of snow


NASA Satellites Catch 'Growth Spurt' from Newborn Protostar


Wandering Jupiter accounts for our unusual solar system


Severe Storm Alert, Jupiter Chaos | S0 News March 24, 2015


Four Florida police officers out after racist text messages




The worlds first 3D cannabis printer



New Jersey has fourth highest number of hate groups in country


Scientists Want to Mine Our Poop for Gold


Old women fighting over Cigarettes


Boeing patents 'Star Wars'-style force fields


Swedish model 'raped and kidnapped' by Italian


Secret Nazi lair uncovered in Argentinian jungle where leaders fled after Second World War


Science close to creating a mammoth


US troops drive in eastern Europe to show defense readiness


House passes resolution urging Obama to send arms to Ukraine


Polish Army summons reservists


Too Close for Comfort


World's largest asteroid impact zone believed uncovered by ANU researchers in central Australia


Was Lars Ulrich to Blame for Lack of Bass on Metallica’s ‘… And Justice For All’?

Read More: Was Lars Ulrich to Blame for Lack of Bass on Metallica's '... And Justice For All'? |

Was Lars Ulrich to Blame for Lack of Bass on Metallica's '... And Justice For All'?


Chemical Found In Ayahuasca May Be Able To Completely Reverse Diabetes


The Earth’s Open Wounds


The History of Vampires


10 Creepy Historical Vampires You’ve Never Heard Of



New synthetic chameleon skin could lead to instant wardrobe changes


Big Brother in Big Apple? NYC gunshot tracking system sparks privacy concerns


GMO Science Deniers: Monsanto and the USDA


Earthquake, Another Magnetic Storm | S0 News March 23, 2015


Einstein Letter Warning Of Zionist Facism In Israel


Terra Incognita: When Einstein was wrong


Southern Oregon medical marijuana growers fear industrial hemp could ruin their crops


10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island


‘Tanks? No thanks!’: Czechs unhappy about US military convoy crossing country



Police Raided The Club Of Pot Activist Who Quit TV Job On Air


'Please Don't Shoot Me': Dog Walker Begs for Life Before Deadly Shooting


Jimi Hendrix Park Secures Developer, Eyes Fall Completion


Messenger Reveals Mercury Mysteries


Looking for some extra work? 'Vikings' need 8,000 extras for filming in Ireland


Russia calls for UN vote to block benefits for gay staff


Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought


Never Before Seen Land At The Bottom Of The World – Admiral Richard E. Byrd (Video)


Ukraine oligarchs ‘top cash contributors’ to Clinton Foundation prior to Kiev crisis


Disclosure: Why Are UFO’s & Alien Life Suddenly Being Discussed In The Mainstream?


Six High-THC Marijuana Strains


Magnetic Storm, Russian Event | S0 News March 22, 2015



5 Signs the Government’s Biggest War is for Your Mind


The Media Is "Run By A Tiny Group Of Politically Motivated Moguls", And "Controlled By The CIA"


124-year-old patent solves the 'over versus under' toilet paper roll debate


New Sunspots, Quake Season | S0 News March 21, 2015


Suge Knight collapses in courtroom after bail is set at $25 million


France Moves to Make ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Illegal by Government Decree


'Billions' of stars in Milky Way have planets that could contain liquid water and life


Evidence for recent star formation seen at Milky Way's centre


When The World's Reserve Currency Flash Crashed: "I Haven’t Seen Anything Like It Since The Financial Crisis’


Vladimir Putin Proposes "Eurasian" Currency Union


SCIENTISTS conducting a mindbending experiment at the Large Hadron Collider next week hope to connect with a PARALLEL UNIVERSE


Unbelievably Cute Mammal With Teddy Bear Face Rediscovered


Japan and Australia are ignoring warnings from the US not to join China's new bank


Unusual asteroid suspected of spinning to explosion


Max Cavalera Calls For Unity Among Metalheads




The Mapping of Pluto Begins Today


How is Mars Rover Opportunity Still Alive? | Space News


When Motörhead’s Frontman Lost Consciousness After Getting Three Consecutive Blowjobs


Cannabis-Based Batteries Could Change the Way We Store Energy Forever



Eclipse, Solar Activity Report | S0 News March 20, 2015


10 things black people fear that white people simply don’t


7 Common Vibration Killers You Need To Avoid

7 Common Vibration Killers You Need To Avoid


Tourist captures incredible footage of rare volcanic lightning


More than a million stars are forming in a mysterious dusty gas cloud in a nearby galaxy


Putin To Nationalise Rothschild Central Bank


Dust cloud, aurora detected around Mars


Trial Will Investigate Use Of MDMA In The Treatment Of Anxiety In Seriously Ill Patients


Mysterious flash lightens night sky in south Russia (VIDEO)


Mysterious, isolated Mashco-Piro tribe ventures out of threatened Peru forests


This Bottle Turns Air Into Water As You Ride Your Bike


DNA Nanobots Starting Human Trials to Treat Cancer


The melting of Antarctica was already really bad. It just got worse


Obama Floats The Idea of Mandatory Voting


Police: Stranger stabs, ‘removes’ baby from pregnant woman who responded to Craigslist ad


Porn IS good for you: Men who watch x-rated antics 'have better sex lives'


Metalocalypse Creator Says He Wanted To Do A New Season, But Adult Swim Passed On It


Stolen Artifacts Returned to Iraq


How the FBI Created a Terrorist


Moon impact! NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter finds new craters


Obama's Real Talk: Pot 'Shouldn't Be Young People's Biggest Priority'


What is the planet Mercury made of? Space probe data reveals clues.


Researchers may have solved origin-of-life conundrum


Ultimate Shorts! (18 photos)





Moscow Launches Ruble-Renminbi Futures To "Facilitate Trade Between China And Russia


G4 Storm, Indonesia Quake | S0 News March 18, 2015



Dee Snider Says Kiss Are Insulting Fans With Replacement Members

Read More: Dee Snider Says Kiss Are Insulting Fans With Replacement Members |

New Alzheimer’s treatment fully restores memory function


US Warns Allies Not to Join China-led Development Bank


Scientists Beam 1.8KW Electricity Wirelessly Over 55 Meters With Accuracy – Envision Solar Satellites Beaming Back Electricity To Earth


Venezuela takes out advertisements in New York Times as tensions rise with US government


Man erects giant middle finger next door to ex-wife


Breakthrough! Layerless 3D Printing! 25-100x Faster Prints!


Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand


Cop Says Killing Black People Is Okay Because ‘It’s Not Against The Law To Put An Animal Down’


Chuck Billy’s New Signature Vape Pen


Severe geomagnetic storm underway: Northern Lights visible for many



Observers Update


Magnetic Storm, Fireball | S0 News March 17, 2015


Connecticut court: Past marijuana convictions can be erased


THE ECONOMIST: Immigration has ushered in 'era of white decline'


Recent images of the star CH Cygni reveal the electrical circuitry that drives it


The twisted shockwaves of an exploded star


Alien ET’s final message to Earth


The Moon's History Is Surprisingly Complex, Chinese Rover Finds


This Kid Was Expelled and Charged for Bringing Pot to School, Even Though He Didn't


Failed Hijack Attempt of United Plane out of Dulles


The melting of Antarctica was already really bad. It just got worse.


This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops: Dallas Police Kill Mentally Ill Man [BODY CAM VID]

Bonnie and Clyde


The Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin Is Back


Someone On a British Airways Plane Took a Shit So Bad That It Had to Turn Around


White House office to delete its FOIA regulations


Vagina yogurt: Woman uses bacteria from her own body to concoct bizarre dessert... then EATS it


Drone Vid of World's largest Cave in Vietnam... Take a break and look!


5 Year Old KILLED when Kite He Flew PICKED HIM UP 60' then dropped him (Video)


Space Weather Alerts, Observing the Frontier | S0 News March 16, 2015


"Baffling" Mars Plumes are Electric | Space News


8 Craziest Tattooed Penises That Will Make You Cringe


Professors expose the 'uncomfortably common' practice of coercive citation


Nation's largest ocean desalination plant goes up near San Diego; Future of the California coast?


Mystery of our 145 'alien' genes: Scientists discover some DNA is NOT from our ancestors


NASA: California Has One Year of Water Left


Breakthrough Molecular 3D Printer Can Print Billions of Possible Compounds



CME and Space Radiation Event | S0 News March 15, 2015


Ferguson court clerk fired for racist emails: Clerk 'fixed' tickets for whites


EPA confronts ‘chemtrails’ conspiracy talk


Persistent Reports That Michelle Obama Was Born A Man


Eagle with GoPro flies off top of Burj Khalifa in Dubai


Engineer 3D Prints Amazing Wirelessly Powered Tesla Desk Lamp


Meth lab found inside Walmart restroom in Indiana


How Long Would it Take to Die On Each Planet In Our Solar System?

Lockheed Martin's new fusion reactor might change humanity forever - See more at:


Lockheed Martin's new fusion reactor might change humanity forever


How Electric Currents May Fry Massive Planets


Australian Stuntman’s Epic Semi Truck Jump


Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission



Sun, High Radiation, Cyclone Devastation | S0 News March 14, 2015


Aping Around: Hat Wearing Primate Bumps Around The House

Russia: Better prepare for war to establish world peace


Ohio AG certifies petition for proposed marijuana legislation amendment to constitution


French Cartoonist Zeon Arrested for Anti-Zionist Work


How Dublin Celebrated the 48-Hour Legal Ecstasy Loophole


The West's Plan To Drop Russia From SWIFT Hilariously Backfires


Russia gets seat on SWIFT board


World's first successful PENIS transplant


Here’s Why Cannabis Plants Are Growing Wild All Over Britain’s Cities


Ganymede, biggest moon in the solar system, has a saltwater ocean


Discourses on an Alien Sky | When Saturn Ruled the World


Have Astronomers Finally Found Dark Matter?


CFR Admits Spending Millions to Confuse Public About Geoengineering


Japan space scientists make wireless energy breakthrough


Canadian Town Bans Spitting, Swearing And Gathering In Groups Of Three Or More


The Corrugated Galaxy—Milky Way May Be Much Larger Than Previously Estimated - See more at:


17 tattooed senior citizens finally answer this question : “What will it look like when I’m older?”


The Corrugated Galaxy—Milky Way May Be Much Larger Than Previously Estimated - See more at:
The Corrugated Galaxy—Milky Way May Be Much Larger Than Previously Estimated - See more at:

The Corrugated Galaxy—Milky Way May Be Much Larger Than Previously Estimated


NASA’s Hubble Observations Suggest Underground Ocean on Jupiter's Largest Moon


Eclipse, Solar Activity | S0 News March 13, 2015


After Thousands of Years, Earth's Frozen Life Forms Are Waking Up


Mysterious phenomena in a gigantic galaxy-cluster collision


Did Neandertals make jewelry 130,000 years go? Eagle claws provide clues


This image from the Mauna Loa Observatory shows Mauna Kea topped with snow


FBI tracks down felon’s Sammamish survival bunker


2 cops shot at rally near police station in Ferguson


Spacecraft Data Suggest Saturn Moon's Ocean May Harbor Hydrothermal Activity


The Sun is Firing, Enceladus Habitable? S0 News March 12, 2015


Cellphone video shows a 15-year-old girl being beaten to the ground by four other teens inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s as dozens watched and cheered.


Scientific Study Of Meditating Reveals Baffling Quantum Communication - See more at:

Scientific Study Of Meditating Reveals Baffling Quantum Communication


Video Of Tsarnaev Brothers Around Boylston Street On Day Of Boston Marathon Bombing


10 facts about the Milky Way


Black feminists are furious about this all-male, all-white band's racist name


Amazing talented little boy.


26 Unbelievable Truck Accidents


Mother arrested after 5 children found living in filthy home with dead grandfather


‘Eavesdropping’ Hello Barbie hitting shelves soon – Major Privacy Issues


Demand for meat threatens Iowa's wild turtles


Suspicious Fires Twice Destroyed Key Sharpton Records


Congressman Cleaver Announces Introduction of The Fair Justice Act


Armed Patriots Stand Against Feds!!!



CME Impact Possible, More Eruptions | S0 News March 11, 2015


The Lie We Live


CNN now pushing the very same North American union it once decried as a conspiracy theory


The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia


Using The Power Of Pee To Generate Electicity In Refugee Camps


Epic Drought Spurs California to Build Largest Desalination Plant in Western Hemisphere


Meet Nutello: The Most Fashionable Pug on the Internet

Loophole means ecstasy and loads of other drugs are now legal in Ireland


Why geoengineering has immediate appeal to China


We need regenerative farming, not geoengineering



Complex Societies Evolved without Belief in All-Powerful Deity


On Mars, Opportunity Rover Spots Weird Rocks Near Marathon Finish Line


People Are OUTRAGED After This Deli Owner Publicized “White History Month”


Kuwaiti preacher, ISIS call for demolition of Egypt’s Sphinx, pyramids



Big Solar Eruptions, Aluminum Tox, Venus | S0 News March 10, 2015


3D printed organs come a step closer


China Completes SWIFT Alternative, May Launch "De-Dollarization Axis" As Soon As September


Grandmother allegedly sliced baby’s throat with power saw because she ‘wouldn’t stop crying


NASA's Dawn spacecraft enters orbit around Ceres (+video)


8-Year-Old Girl Feeds Neighborhood Crows, They Thank Her with Gifts


FULL VIDEO of Fatal Hit and Run


Is there dark matter in the sun?




IG Audit: 6.5 Million People With Active Social Security Numbers Are 112 or Older


New Studies Fail To Find Associations Between Psychedelic Drugs And Mental Health Problems


The Dawn spacecraft achieves another historical first.


In a first, senators plan to introduce federal medical marijuana bill


Drug smugglers toss bales of marijuana out of moving car on Arizona highway


Beekeeper Invention Sets Record for Most Money Raised on Indiegogo


Flow Hive: Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive



Space Weather, Exoplanet | S0 News March 9, 2015


Warp in spacetime lets astronomers watch the same star explode four times


Belgian MP Louis Speaks The Truth About World Conspiracy


Lightning Plus Volcanic Ash Make Glass


Sugar-powered biobattery has 10 times the energy storage of lithium


Mum gives birth to son's surrogate baby


Astronomers Spot Star Leaving Milky Way At 2.7 Million Miles Per Hour


US tourists caught carving names into Rome’s Colosseum


Huge tomb of Celtic prince unearthed in France


Lucky Earth survived cosmic pinball


Student’s Faucet Design Saves Water By Swirling It Into Beautiful Patterns


10 Mysteries That Hint At Forgotten Advanced Civilizations



27 of the Most Offensive Band Names Ever

Read More: 27 of the Most Offensive Band Names Ever |

27 of the Most Offensive Band Names Ever


NJ mayor cheers end to town’s ’mass medication’ through fluoridated water


M9 Solar Flare, U-Yen Storm, Tornado Risk | S0 News March 8, 2015



Republicans aim to reverse landmark net neutrality ruling


Staten Island dad gets $22.5M in polio case vs. Lederle Laboratories


Astronomers Have Been Watching This Star Blow Up Over, and Over, and Over Again


Climate Records, Nuclear Event | S0 News March 7, 2015


Second Grader Buckles Under Pressure From White House


10 ways white people are more racist than they realize


Why We Need to Believe in a Living Universe


Worlds First Imaging Study of the Brain on LSD


Sun May Blast Two Jets of Plasma into Interstellar Space


Solar Powered Floating Eco Home On The Water Is Nearly 100 Percent Recycleable



Solar Flares are Back | S0 News March 6, 2015


Mars Orbiter Mission Methane Sensor for Mars is at work


This Is The Oldest Video Footage From New York City And It's Absolutely Incredible


IS 'bulldozed' ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud, Iraq says


The 42 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places On Earth Just Might Give You Chills


Rosetta Spacecraft Sees Its Shadow on a Comet (Photo)


‘Impossible’ Quantum Space Engine Actually Works – NASA Test Suggests


Mars once had an ocean with more water than the Arctic – NASA


Fastest Star in the Milky Way Found Zipping Out of Galaxy


Planet 'Reared' by Four Parent Stars



Moon Rising- Jose Escamilla Extremely Rare


Bad Storms, GMOs, Space Weather | S0 News March 5, 2015


Why would anyone want an eyeball tattoo?


Carefully Decide Where to Get a Tattoo with This Pain Chart


Arizona Diamondbacks unveil Churro Dog concession treat


Wausau man accused of sexual contact with horse


Discourses on an Alien Sky | Mythic Creation--Events Seen and Heard


How to Shit in the Woods


11 Disturbing Sex Toys That Are Actually Terrifying


KFC Gets Occupational Business License To Sell Marijuana In Colorado Restaurants


Ben & Jerry Say Yes to Weed-Infused Ice Cream


7 Scientific Reasons Why Sleeping Naked Is Really Good For You



WV Senate Passes Bill Recognizing Right to Concealed Carry Without License

The Fourth Largest Lake in the World Dried up in 40 Years


Female Store Clerk Takes Gun From Robber & Shoots Him With it


Oldest Human Fossil Found, Redrawing Family Tree


Kansas Angler Catches Monster Brown Trout


8 possible explanations for those bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres



Astronomers Find a Dusty Galaxy That Shouldn't Exist


There Has Been A Major Escalation In Orbs Of Light UFO Sightings!


Feds Use Instagram To Arrest Over 350 Drug Dealers & Seize $7 Million In One Week

Volcano Videos


US running out of room to store oil; price collapse next?




US military satellite explodes above Earth


Chile's Villarrica volcano erupts, prompting thousands to flee – video


Volcano Fire, Quakes, Huge News | S0 News March 4, 2015


41 Incredible Photos That Show What Parenting Is Like In The Wilderness


NASA spacecraft making first visit to dwarf planet Ceres


Obama Unveils National ObamaLaw Plan


Justice report finds systematic discrimination against African-Americans in Ferguson



Why Don't Comets Melt in the Sun? | Space News



South Florida Man Charged With Growing Marijuana, Found Not Guilty


Bye-Bye Coffins, These Organic Burial Pods Turn Your Loved Ones Into Trees


3 Big Flares, Earthquake Watch | S0 News March 3, 2015


Civil Asset Forfeiture: Police Seize Property From Cancer Patients Growing Marijuana


The 'sex selfie stick' lets you FaceTime the inside of a vagina


Round Valley: 'There used to be a town down there'


Nuts! Indian guru coaxes 400 followers to cut off their testicles, grow closer to God


How scientists are finding lost cities: Is this the 'City of the Monkey God'?


200 Skeletons Have Been Discovered Beneath A Supermarket In Paris


Exclusive: Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest


Hollywood Studio Caught Producing ISIS Videos


Giant Asteroid Collision May Have Radically Transformed Mars


Afroman Punches Woman Who Walked Onstage


Watch ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN Get 'Killed' On 'The Walking Dead' (Video)


Solar Flares, Magnetic Storm | S0 News March 2, 2015


How a jab plunged my life into madness


Breaking: Google gives new meaning to “Orwellian”


Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links


Man accused of threatening to rape Ridgefield officer’s daughter in noise complaint scuffle



THOR> The great mystery of planet Ceres


Magnetic Storm, Solar Eruptions, NLCs | S0 News March 1, 2015


Harvard Develops Game-Changing Organic Battery


Curiosity Confirms Methane in Mars' Atmosphere


Iran test-fires ‘new strategic weapon’ to battle ‘Great Satan’


Dark Energy Camera Takes Accidental Gigantic, Magnificent Picture of Comet Lovejoy


The lost city of Cahokia: Archaeologists uncover Native Americans' sprawling metropolis


Collapsing Kenai razor clam population forces shutdown of beaches



Woman Shrinks Inoperable Mass, Heals Her Thyroid Disease With Cannabis Oil




Astronomers find newborn stars at the edge of the Galaxy


M7 Earthquake, Sun is Waking Up | S0 News February 28, 2015


Caring parents get tattoos of young daughter's huge birthmark to make her feel special


Life in Prison for Selling $20 of Weed


First human head transplant could happen in two years


Lawsuit claims Purina food sickens and kills dogs


RIP Internet, Ron Paul’s Stern Warning


Big Bang, Deflated? Universe May Have Had No Beginning


The remarkable archaeological underwater discovery that could open up a new chapter in the study of European and British prehistory



Native American Council Offers Amnesty to 240 Million Undocumented Whites


THOR> FUBAR Net Neutrality


New Sunspots, Sun Pole Flip Update | S0 News February 27, 2015


Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle


Meet Sasha - the world's only baby woolly rhino


Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones: Head to Head



DC legalizes pot


Students Get SAT Bonus Points for Being Black or Hispanic – Asians Are Penalized


Madonna falls off stage in England



'Bright Spot' on Ceres Has Dimmer Companion


Earthquake Watch, Weather Alerts | S0 News February 26, 2015


EXPOSED: Jeb Bush Repeatedly Says Illegal Aliens Are Better People Than Americans, Says U.S. Must Be “Fundamentally Transformed” With Mass Immigration


How Portugal Brilliantly Ended its War on Drugs


Water fluoridation in England linked to higher rates of underactive thyroid


The girl who gets gifts from birds


Florida Senator Submits Bill to Legalize Recreational Marijuana


Brilliant guy in Massachusetts is selling snow for ‘only $89′


Cannabis ‘is 114 times safer than alcohol’


Enceladus shares characteristics with comets.


USA: First in World in Gun Ownership – Not Even in Top 100 Countries for Murder Rate

De Blasio to Lift Consent Form Requirement for Circumcision Ritual


**>>NYC, Orthodox Jews reach deal on circumcision suction ritual


KFC unveils the UK’s first EDIBLE coffee cup


Mars rover Curiosity snaps cosmic selfie



Who are the Anunnaki?


Astronomers discover brightest black hole of early universe


A UFO story lands in a hall of history


Massive amounts of Saharan dust fertilize the Amazon rainforest


Egypt Charges Obama and Hillary with Conspiring with Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood



F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama


Solar Eruptions, Snow Storms | S0 News February 25, 2015



Catholic priest had huge gay S&M porn collection, court hears


Tulsa woman arrested in attack on disabled boyfriend


Feds raid Texas secessionist meeting


NY Senator Who Pushed Gun Control, Now Pushing Machete Control


J.P. Morgan to start charging big clients fees on some deposits


Debunking the Latest Pathetic Fear Smear Campaign Against Marijuana


Giant craters continue to appear mysteriously in Siberia


Health Ranger unveils 3-D printed home hydroponics system that does not need electricity – VIDEO



The "Impossible" Dunes of Comet 67P | Space News


Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say


Comcast, Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit


9 Nazi Scientists Who Helped Build The American Space Program


Jesus Christ is a mythical figure


Magnetic Storm, Another Comet, Rare Quake | S0 News February 24, 2015


New World Order or Business as Usual? -- An Open Letter to Supporters of Infowars and Alex Jones


4 More Mystery Craters Found In Russia, Bright Flash of Light Witnessed


Unexplained News| Wireless electricity? It's here!


Mars Missions Are A Scam



Solar Analysis, U-Yen Storm, Mexico Quake | S0 News February 23, 2015


Ben Carson Says Obama Could Be Guilty Of Treason


UFO near Jackhead? It's actually a plane, says military


Wife pays ultimate price


Facebook Must Shut Down the Anti-Vaxxers


Stephen Hawking: “The Absence of Event Horizons Means There are No Black Holes"


Putin and Iran Do a ‘Game Changer’

Just a Cockatoo running on the floor yelling nonsense at everything



DANGER! WTF? Temperatures dropped to ZERO off California coast for NO REASON


HUGE Solar Blast - 'Killshot' will Miss Earth | S0 News February 22, 2015


Discourses on an Alien Sky | To Hear the Ancient Witnesses


For the first time, spacecraft catch solar shockwave in the act


New Jersey man, shirtless pal busted trying to create ice on roadway to cover up DWI crash


Man knocked out in accident wakes up with new talent


Gene May Help Reduce GM Contamination


EV Batteries Good, “Paper” EV Batteries 10x Better


How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina




Psychoactive Amazonian medicine gaining popularity, may treat health disorders


Venus and mars. Are alright tonight.


codylol> workout at Napa Center beastmode style


Joe Rogan on Invisible Aliens, String Theory & Collective DMT Dreams



Understanding the Rise in ADHD Diagnoses: 11% of U.S. Children Are Affected


Cases of ADHD are skyrocketing: epidemic or conspiracy? - See more at:

Cases of ADHD are skyrocketing: epidemic or conspiracy?


NASA, ESA Telescopes Give Shape to Furious Black Hole Winds


Big Quakes, Comet Update, Galactic Wind | S0 News February 20, 2015


'Three-breasted' woman breaks her silence




ISIS Is Not a Terrorist Group


Non-African Human Ancestry


THOR>  My Angry Rant: The Astonishers & The Truth community


Interesting Facts About Planet Mars


Kellogg cuts sales forecast as cereal continues decline


Video: School counselor body slams teacher during game


The origin of the magnetic field covering the Sun has been discovered


E-cigarette kills first victim after teen boy dies from lung cancer


Five Reasons Porn Is Better Than ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ According To Porn Stars


Strange clusters of metal balls found in deep sea


Would you take a one way trip to Mars?


Florida teen undergoes world’s first penis reduction surgery


Maiden’s Dickinson in cancer battle



Did A Star Once Enter Our System? S0 News February 19, 2015


Anti-Semitism mars Holocaust Memorial Day


Italy Senate moves to outlaw Holocaust denial


US Senator used old photos of Russian troops to push Ukraine war propaganda


THOR> 10* Interesting* Facts* about planet Mars


Your Source For Norse Mythology

THOR> My Opinionated Anti-Vaxxer Iraq Gay Marriage IsIs National Debt rant.


Your Source For Norse Mythology


Rare Amateur 9 11 Footage With Audio Not Shown On TV


Canadian terror suspect 'planned to blow up Yellowstone supervolcano


Alien star system buzzed the Sun



Alien Star Missed Us by Less Than a Light-Year, Scientists Say


Report: Whites have 12 times the wealth of blacks


Mars One: 'We're all going to die, but it's important what you do before you die'


ROTC cadet, 16, 'executed his parents and sister because he was annoyed at being banned from his computer


Planets Orbiting Red Dwarfs May Stay Wet Enough for Life


Magnetic Storm, Sun Pole Flip | S0 News February 18, 2015


Matter will be created from light within a year, claim scientists


Dawn Captures Sharper Images of Ceres


Shoppers shocked by couple having sex in broad daylight


Coral Castle Mystery 100% Solved with 1930's Film Footage!




He Puts A Toilet Paper Roll In A Flower Pot. The Results? Brilliant!


Comets Are Just Like Deep Fried Ice Cream, According To Science


Astro Motors on Electric Bikes; Terrifying Speed


Mars mystery: Enormous clouds stretching 250 km above the Red Planet baffle scientists


Electrocution kills at least 16 in Carnival accident


Forget Hacking - CIA Accuses Russia Of "Manipulating The World's Weather"


Climate researcher says CIA fears hostile nations are triggering floods and droughts


***FBI: Hitler Didn’t Die, Fled To Argentina – Stunning Admission


Federal Election Commission to Consider Regulating Online Political Speech


Pennsylvania Ice Fisherman Catches Monster Muskie


Large Earthquakes, Major Storms | S0 News February 17, 2015


Man on 207-mph bicycle humiliates Ferrari at dragstrip


L'amour - Rock Capitol Of Brooklyn. Shows, Shows, Shows


Comet Lovejoy Hit With Solar Eruptions (S0 update)


Homeless man accused of breaking into funeral home, having sex with corpse


'Cloud' over Mars leaves scientists baffled


Tesla Motors Announces A New Home Battery more


Graham Hancock Blasts the Drug War

Graham Hancock Blasts the Drug War


Real Time Seismicity


Could this object prove the existence of alien life?


Dinosaurs Could Have Tripped On LSD Like Hallucinogen


'Skunk-like cannabis' increases risk of psychosis, study suggests


Russian scientists doing their best to decode dark spots on Chelyabinsk meteorite


HUGE SPY PROGRAM EXPOSED: NSA has hidden software in hard drives around the world


Broadcast error labels President Obama as a rape suspect



Major Storm Alerts, Space Weather | S0 News February 16, 2015


THOR> What are the most famous Stars in the Universe?


Discourses on an Alien Sky | Cosmic Catastrophe & Cultural Obsession


Jackie Chan's son apologizes after release from jail


360 Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt 360


Woman assaulted at St Kilda Festival


Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry form new supergroup


NASA Launches Aurora Research Rocket into the Northern Lights



Naked Fat Woman Destroys Convenience Store


Over 100 banks hit by sophisticated cyberattack


Exoplanet, Space Weather, Storm Update | S0 News February 15, 2015


Researchers warn US should prepare for 'unprecedented drought conditions' unlike anything in past 1,000 years


Brazil Amazon: Drone to scan for ancient Amazonia



Stellar Partnership Doomed to End in Catastrophe


M7 Quake, Supernova Vid, Blizzard | S0 News February 14, 2015


Police foil Valentine's Day plot by man and woman 'to shoot dead as many people as possible at mall before killing themselves'


Gene-Altered Apples Get U.S. Approval


Prehistoric hug: Greek archaeologists find couple locked in 5,800-year-old embrace in grave


Obama adviser John Podesta's biggest regret: Keeping America in dark about UFOs


V-Day Alignment, Large Rare Earthquake, Whales Beached, Space-Weather


The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever


Rosetta Sends 'An Impressive New Perspective' On Comet


Decoding the Ice Age Floods: Catastrophic Meltdown


This Battery Has Lasted 175 Years and No One Knows How


Sea Dragons and Seahorses


Seahorse Perspective of Spider Crab Migration


Scientists discover mysterious organism


Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain


UK Scientists: Aliens May Have Sent Space Seeds To Create Life On Earth


The Big Bang may never have happened: scientists



Laniakea: Our home supercluster


Christian group claims dinosaurs are a lie, wants them extinct from schools


Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite was successfully launched


Meteor, Comet, Absurd Snowfall | S0 News February 13, 2015


Nearly 200 pilot whales stranded on New Zealand beach


Speed of light not so constant after all


A zombie meme rises from the grave: Maurice Hilleman, the polio vaccine, SV40, and cancer


Vaccine pioneer admits adding cancer-causing virus to Vaccine


Geoengineering and the folly of playing God with the planet


Mystery storms rage across face of Uranus


NASA Shows Far Side of Moon as Never Seen Before


JFK Speech The Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy


Big Pharma’s Corporate Crimes and Fines: How Can They Get Away With It?


THOR> We have a Fracking & Earthquake problem. Oklahoma & Yellowstone


MFC > OSU Model Fired From Porn Site


WORLD CHAMPION RC Helicopter pilot Demonstrates his Awesome Skills




Big Earthquake, Filament Release, Volcanos | S0 News February


Monkey Mustaches and Beards Help Algorithm Recognize Faces


TSA Will Require Biometric ID For Air Travel in 2016


"The federal government can read any emails that are more than six months old without a warrant.


New Fungal Species Found In Salami


SpaceX launches DSCOVR satellite to monitor solar winds


NASA | SDO: Year 5


NASA | 5 Year Time-lapse of the Sun


There is a life-extension pill backed by five nobel prize winners


No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning


The 14 Tablets Of Enki The Anunnaki

Multiple-Star Birth Revealed in Stellar Nursery


What a Blast! Rosetta Probe Watches Comet in Action


Girl Scout sells 208 boxes of cookies in two hours outside pot dispensary


Washington Has More Pot Than It Can Smoke

Halliburton to cut up to 6,400 jobs as oil price falls


US Deploys A-10s to Europe Amid Debate to Arm Ukraine



Space Weather, Comet, Planets, News | S0 News February 11, 2015


Neil Armstrong's secret bag of Moon landing mementos


Shooting drones


mass die offs of Sea Life on West Coast




FCC Member Warns Net Neutrality Is Not Neutral



Discontent with Washington, US states look to nullify federal laws


Officials: Teen charged with killing classmate, took selfie with body


'American Sniper' Bashers Have a Point


Scientists find oddly behaving 'inner-inner core' at Earth's center


You Can Actually Give Your Valentine A Chocolate Mold Of Your Butthole


Lawmakers introduce measure to ban high-capacity magazines


Muhammed sex simulator very explicit cartoon


Big Solar Eruption, Volcano, Climate | S0 News February 10, 2015


Whistleblower: Massive Extraterrestrial Crafts Hiding Behind Moon

Members of Tool and Mastodon join forces for new supergroup


42 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks


Nasa reveals comet that grazed Mars caused thousands of shooting stars per second as entire sky turned yellow


Charles Manson wedding off


Turn A Cauliflower Into A Selection Of Different Dishes


20 Amazing Pictures Of The World's Most Ancient Trees


Obama is not eligible to work in the US



“The truth is unspeakable”: A real American sniper unloads on “American Sniper”


The Scientific Case for EXPANSION TECTONICS


Samsung's warning: Our Smart TVs record your living room chatter


America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence

Marijuana Grower Shot SWAT Cops Who Kicked Down His Door, Jury Says They Don’t Blame Him


First stars are 150 million years younger than thought, Planck telescope finds (+video)


THOR> The Sun is a powerful mystery. Good old fashioned Solar Science


Putin-Merkel-Hollande meeting follow up LIVE UPDATES


20 History Questions They Refuse To Answer In School!


Here are the 1,784 RadioShack stores that will close by March 31


Rosetta Sees Fascinating Changes in Comet 67P



Rosetta Mission Update | First Science Papers


Eager To Imprison Medical Marijuana Users, Prosecutors Hide The Truth From Jurors


Florida pastor plans to convert robots to Christianity


Near-ideal weather expected for Sunday’s Falcon 9 launch


Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Theory That Missing Plane May Have Actually Landed Once Again Gains Steam

Ukraine conflict: Vladimir Putin says Russia will not wage war on anyone



Russian Parliament Set to Request €4 Trillion in WWII Reparations From Germany


The Unrecognized Genius Of Nikola Tesla: How Far Ahead Was He?

World's biggest trove of gold built by ancient 'secret agents'


Study : Almost half of the DNA found in NY subway "did not match any known organism"


Mum of EIGHT forced into work says Cameron's new benefits cap will lead to suicide


THOR> Jupiter + the Moon = 13 Lens Flares. WTF? It looks like a planetary system.


Seafloor Volcano Pulses May Alter Climate


Dawn Gets Closer Views of Ceres


Watch how DARPA plans to launch satellites on planes


Croatia writes off debts for poorest citizens


CDC vaccine whistleblower given immunity to testify



Islam - the Cloak of Antichrist


Saudi Royal Family is Jewish! King and Prince are all Jew!


ISIS a Jewish Plot? Propaganda and Islamic Jihad

ISIS Is A Zionist Plot; A Jew Is Leading The Group - Reports Claim



Major Plasma Filament, Announcements | S0 News February 6, 2015


Scientists just cracked the viral equivalent of the Enigma code


Net neutrality wins: the FCC will propose strong Title II regulation


Napalm Death: Metal band's plea


THOR> Earth enters the Danger Zone. Sweet Solar Doom* candy!


Railway locomotive  plows through huge snow drifts

IRS Seeks 9,000 New Employees as It Prepares to Enforce Obamacare


Michigan mom turns to medical marijuana for daughter in need


Marijuana Industry in Colorado, Eager for Its Own Bank, Waits on the Fed


Marijuana ‘can be helpful’ for some medical conditions, surgeon general says


Feds say marijuana has no medical value. Obama's new surgeon general seems to disagree.


Colorado Marijuana Tax Creates More Money, More Problems For State Officials



NASA Finds Mysterious Bright Spot on Dwarf Planet Ceres: What Is It?


The mysterious 2 billion-year-old creature that would make Darwin smile


Is Atlantis in Indonesia? Researcher Claims to Uncover Hidden Civilization


Slopes behind ropes: fear of lawsuits closing great New Jersey sledding hills


Why Aren't American Veterans Allowed to Treat Their PTSD with Medical Marijuana


10 Weed Strains That Don't Exist Yet, But Should


Marijuana Backed By More Studies Than Most FDA Approved Pharma Drugs


Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht Convicted of All 7 Charges


Our First Grainy Glimpse Of Pluto And Charon As New Horizons Closes In




Solar Eruptions, Atmospheric River | S0 News February 5, 2015


Media refuses to report on white cop that was kidnapped/murdered by blacks


Off The Grid: Warren Commission Member Admits JFK Shooting Was a Conspiracy


Researchers find evidence of fractal behavior in pulsating stars


ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported - See more at:

ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported


Motorcycle crash man flies through the air Helmet cam


The vast majority of doctors say there is no link between the triple jab and autism, but could an Italian court case reignite this controversial debate?


TransAsia plane crash on cam!


Another Uptick? Solar Pole Flip | S0 News February 4, 2015


Beam of Flashing Light Fills Michigan Sky After Explosion


You can now design a living creature, print its DNA with a 3D printer and grow it.


Research into psychedelics, shut down for decades, is now yielding exciting results


Psychedelic Patch: Psilocybin Helps Smokers Quit


Hunting For Big Planets Far Beyond Pluto May Soon Be Easier


NASA just announced it'll be visiting this beautiful moon for the first time


2 ships emerging from clouds during CE-5 experience



Eruption Potential, Earthquake Uptick | S0 News February 3, 2015


Solar Is On The Way To Dominating The Electricity Market, And The World Has Elon Musk To Thank


Wingsuit Flying Over Pyramids: Red Bull Leap of Wonder


Over 110k Facebook users infected by porn-disguised Trojan


Rand Paul Also Has an Idiot Opinion About Vaccines


Iranian contest has cartoonists denying Holocaust


Some Motorists Wait Months For DMV Appointments After Immigrants Law Goes Into Effect


Mariah Carey’s Lyric Forgetting Lip Sync Fail At Jamaica Jazz 2015



‘Sex slave’ claims Bill Clinton visited Epstein’s ‘orgy island’


Magnetic Storm, Plasma Eruptions | S0 News February 2, 2015



Iceland rises as its glaciers melt from climate change


Centuries old mummified monk found meditating in Mongolia

Suit: Man's Penis Ruined Thanks to His Insurer

Root of Consciousness Linked to Discovery of Quantum Processes Within Brain


Why It's Taking The U.S. So Long To Make Fusion Energy Work


Single Dose Of “Magic” Mushrooms May Improve Personality Permanently


A second ringed centaur? Centaurs with rings could be common


Discourses on an Alien Sky | The Acid Tests of a Reconstruction


The UFO and Ley Line Connection


Submerged Pyramid Discovered in the Atlantic Ocean


Mighty Electric Fields Found Inside Cells



Alice Cooper has offered to end Motley Crue’s final show by killing all four of the band.


1,495 lbs. of marijuana found in toilet service truck


THOR> As the Sun turns....WTF? Our Never Ending Solar Maximum


Research Shows Intelligent People Stay Up Late, Do More Drugs, And Have More Sex


75,000 Syrians Headed for the U.S.


When Silicon Valley takes LSD


Molecular Biologist Explains How THC Kills Cancer Completely


Hubble Spies a Loopy Galaxy


M Flare Bonanza, Galaxy Curl | S0 News January 30, 2015


Under a mattress, in the freezer: Why so many are hiding cash


Obama's New Psychiatric Diagnosis Targets “Internet Users" and "Internet Conspiracy Theorists” for Gun Ineligibility


Some doctors won't see patients with anti-vaccine views


Modern humans and Neanderthals: A Mediterranean romance?


Girl, five, dies from a strain of the flu she was vaccinated against


Russia: If The West Keeps Supporting Ukraine, It Could Lead To A "Big Catastrophe"


Study: Circumcision Permanently Alters the Brain, Researchers Threatened


Islamic State operative confesses to receiving funding through US


Communist Party USA Chairman Vows Cooperation With Democratic Party



Transspecies Discrimination


Cassini Catches Titan Naked in the Solar Wind


6 Cancer Causers at Home You Should Get Rid Of




Patrick Stewart Narrating NASA's 'Trek' to Mars in 'Journey to Space'


Teen Girl Shot Dead At Texas Police Station Had Knife, Cops Say


THOR> Two New Planets in our Solar System?!? No Way*!


Why You Should Consider Not Eating Pork


Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "The Internet Will Disappear"


Ask NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden Your Questions


Pentagram Bikini: For Girls Who Want "Satanic Tan Lines"


A New Twist On Flavored Coffee

Men must prove a woman said 'Yes' under tough new rape rules


2 Kids Trying To Earn Some Cash By Shoveling Snow Shut Down By Police -N.J.


Treasure hunter who found a fortune in gold is captured


Fugitive treasure hunter who found 'Ship of Gold' nabbed after two years on lam


36,400 BC: The Historical time of the Zep Tepi Theory - See more at:

36,400 BC: The Historical time of the Zep Tepi Theory



Solar Flare Uptick, Earthquake, Storms | S0 News January 28, 2015


Cop Opens Fire With AR-15 While Driving During High Speed Chase


Nun Gives Birth to Baby Without Knowing She Was Pregnant

The Electric Universe

Is Getting Married to Yourself the Next Hot Self-Esteem Trend?

I am Anthony Cumia, Ask Me Anything

Seven States That Are Next In Line to Legalize Marijuana


Rise of the zombie cat: Pet who was 'killed' and buried by his owner climbed out of his grave five days later

What is comet dust made of? Rosetta finds out.


All Non-Africans Part Neanderthal, Genetics Confirm



Why animals eat psychoactive plants


Rings Like Saturn’s, but Supersized


‘Magicians of the Gods’, snapshots of a work in progress (Hancock)


Bridgeport, CT mayor thanks Al SHarpton for his great work on climactic change


Sun-Diving Comet & Space-Weather | January 26, 2015


Solar Flare, Plasma Penetrates, C(lie)mate | S0 News January 27, 2015


Scammers Manipulate Lowe’s Receipt-Checking Policy To Steal $80,000 In Tools


Ancient Crash, Epic Wave


National Grid asked to cut power to some coastal communities


Metal explosions 'driven by charge'


Mythical metal alloy discovered in 2,600-year-old shipwreck


New Yorkers Are Flocking To Craigslist To Find 'Blizzard Boyfriends' And Girlfriends


KFC releases Double Down Dog sandwich



Watch: Previously Unreleased Video of an Anselmo-less Pantera Performing as “Gasoline


Malaysia Airlines site 'hacked by Cyber Caliphate'


A Closer Look at the New Scion SLAYER Car



Large SOHO Plasma Flow | S0 News January 25, 2015


Discourses on an Alien Sky | When Planets Were the Gods


Fish found living beneath Antarctica


Comet close-up reveals a world of surprises


2 hrs> Nibiru / Planet X - 'The Date of Arrival' - An Illuminati Secret


Venus Spinning Slower Than Thought—Scientists Stumped


Scientists 'delete' HIV virus from human DNA for the first time



Trump: 'I would've won the race against Obama'


Throats slit, Florida pelicans dying in serial slashings


The Industry-Suppressed Budwig Protocol Or How To Cure Cancer With Cottage Cheese




‘The Big Four’ 8-Bit Video Game Featuring Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax

Read More: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth + Anthrax in 8-Bit Game Trailer |

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth + Anthrax in 8-Bit Game Trailer


Dig Deep With YouTube's Most Bizarre Hollow Earth Videos


Earth-Facing Quiet, Solar Pole Flip, Quake Factor Analysis | S0 News January 24, 2015


THOR> Scientists move us 2 minutes closer to DOOM.




Lakes in Greenland Completely Drain in Just Weeks


Zero-Point Energy Generators Create Free Unlimited Energy Without Fuel

THOR> Mexican Eruption: We have a Volcano Problem pt. 2 - Fire, Ice & Ash


The Most Dangerous Sex Position is More Common than You’d Think


Laser Weapon System Is Ready For War, Less Than $1/Shot



Iron Maiden bassist slashes £2million from £7million price of 11-bed mansion



Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action


Big Earthquake, CME Release Mechanism | S0 News January 23, 2015


Kid Rock Poses With Dead Mountain Lion And Ted Nugent Loves It


Microsoft HoloLens: An experience you never knew you wanted (hands-on)


HoloLens and Windows 10: Microsoft announces its future


Deadly bacteria on medical scopes trigger infections


Scotland's Oldest Woman, Age 109, Says Avoiding Men Is Her Secret To A Long Life


Baby Elephant Rescued From Mud Pit


Hidden Formaldehyde in E-Cigarette Aerosols


'Django Unchained' Producer on 'Selma' Oscar Snubs: Did Voters Have "Racial Fatigue"?




Urban Outlaw - Rebel Porsche Customizer


China aims to expand non-dollar economic bloc through increased yuan transactions


Russia and China ‘Furiously’ Buying Up Gold


Germany offers Russia free trade agreement


China offers Switzerland 8-bln-USD QFII quota amid closer financial ties


Swiss De-peg Triggers Massive Derivative Crisis


China, Switzerland sign deal on yuan trading in Zurich




Model Whose Vagina Was Used to Make Fleshlights Visits the Sex Toy Factory




Girl Marrying Her Father And Having Kids With Him – REACTIONS


Pentagon Secret – The Anunnaki Are Returning

THOR> The Venus Vortex! The Climate on Venus is changing!


Producer on 'Selma' Oscar Snubs: Did Voters Have "Racial Fatigue"?O

VIDEO: Air Force UFO files hit the web


A year after marijuana legalisation in Colorado, 'everything's fine' confirm police


19 Totally Unexpected Towing Momentsin


Chaos At Car Dealership (Caught on Camera)


Manager 'truly sorry' for blowing up hedge fund


Atomic scientists set to make 'major announcement' about Doomsday Clock


Online Engineering Museum

Online Engineering Museum

Destination: Moon


Former oil exec: $5-a-gallon gas on the way


New GOP Border Security Bill Removes Border Fences


FINAL WARNING: The Obama Deception


The Newest Dominoes to Fall from the Swiss Franc Revaluation



Harvard Scientist Urges People to Stop Drinking “Low-Fat” Milk Immediately


Central bank prophet fears QE warfare pushing world financial system out of control


Solar Plasma, Solar Wind Intensifies | S0 News January 21, 2015


Mysterious 'Planet X' may really lurk undiscovered in our solar system


Solar & Celestial potlock: Comet Q2 LoveJoy, Strange Sunset & ET Plasma baby CME


Billionaire Abramovich buying up city block for mega-mansion


Perpetual Atmospheric Engine


Argentine prosecutor who accused president found dead


ULA Atlas V successfully launches third MUOS spacecraft


Australian scientists make world first discovery after capturing alien radio signals tearing through space in real time


Does the Milky Way Influence Earth's Biodiversity? Research Says "Yes"


The US Military's Stunning Conspiracy Theory Emerges From The Archives: "ISIS Leader Does Not Exist"


Credit Card Fraud Liability Shifts to Merchants


Saxo Bank Warns "This Is The Endgame For Central Banks"


Trans-Neptunian objects suggest that there are more planets in the solar system


Some Find Borgata Casino Restaurant’s MLK Day Menu Offensive


Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence


THOR> Dawn shows Planet Ceres is Alive with Awesome & Mystery


Ancient Aboriginal stories preserve history of a rise in sea level


Research finds Neanderthals were more thoughtful than we once imagined


Caught on camera: $240K Lamborghini destroyed in seconds



Greg Plitt dead: Fitness model and Hollywood actor killed by train


Sick Airline Passenger From Sierra Leone Taken to Hospital


Venus Express snaps swirling vortex


Gamma Bursts, Cosmic Radio Waves, Venus Vortex | S0 News January 20, 2015


all Snowden leaks

Latest Snowden leak - Chinese steal US technology: Space-Laser plans


Oil’s plunge to siphon Gulf petrodollars from global markets - See more at:

Oil’s plunge to siphon Gulf petrodollars from global markets


The most expensive residence ever purchased in NYC


Low-flying Asteroid may be visible with BINOCULARS


Dawn Delivers New Image of Ceres


1.18.15 NJ Turnpike I-95 Crash - Black Ice - Trailer flip


Idaho Girl Ices World Record Perch


The Red Juice in Raw Red Meat Isn’t Blood


First DNA tests say Kennewick Man was Native American


Shocking study: At least two unknown planets orbit our sun beyond Pluto


NASA Spacecraft Get a Closer Look at Dwarf Planets Pluto and Ceres


Billy Crystal: 'Stop shoving gay sex scenes in my face'


Channeling Positive Tablet Usage To Foster Childhood Development


Wall Street banks slash FIFTY THOUSAND jobs


Russia ends US nuclear security alliance


Man Gets Ticket for Driving While Eating a Cheeseburger


Oklahoma man at center of police shooting said he never made 911 call that led to raid



Why is it easier to study heroin than marijuana?


Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


Eclipses, Solar Analysis, GMOs | S0 News January 19, 2015


25 Local Families in Sandy Springs Medical Marijuana Study


Bangalore oncologists want cannabis legalised to help fight cancer


Iowa man who fought to use marijuana oil on rare cancer dies


Wilhelmina Model offered $15,000 to Destroy Bill Cosby Comes Forward!


Gun-enthusiast, his dietitian wife and their five-year-old daughter lay dead from murder-suicide


Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy Live!


12 Sexy Underboob tattoos


13 Of The Tiniest Cars In The World


 What was Auschwitz?


7 Children Taken from Parents During Search for "Miracle" Treatment Chemical


Arkansas Takes Away 7 Homeschool Children because Father had Unapproved Mineral Supplement - See more at:
Arkansas Takes Away 7 Homeschool Children because Father had Unapproved Mineral Supplement - See more at:


Arkansas Takes Away 7 Homeschool Children because Father had Unapproved Mineral Supplement


Did The Swiss National Bank Destroy Central Bank Precious Metal Manipulation?


Laid to waste: Drone footage shows devastation at Donetsk airport (VIDEO)


Chemo controversy causes threats to hospital


Cassandra's Catch-22


Cop Fired For Exposing Department Policy Where Officers Have Sex With Prostitutes, Then Arrest Them


Oldest ever engraving discovered on 500,000-year-old shell


Why it’s taken so long to bring Colorado theater shooter James Holmes to trial


Mystery UFO spotted near International Space Station


BREAKING: Obama Busted in What May Be the Crime of the Century




Fox wants to reboot The X-Files TV show with original stars


THOR> WTF? European Space Agency edition: Comet Landing


More than a dozen semis were involved in a crash early this morning on eastbound I-84



Nation's second-largest school district plans to expand dinner program


Citigroup Says Derivatives Face Value Fell in 4th Quarter



Chemtrails: What in the World are They Spraying?


12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters


Top Doctor Exposes Monsanto As The Cause Of A Huge Autism Spike!


Solar Tornado, Earthspot Quake | S0 News January 17, 2015


THOR> 2 Massive Planet X s may lurk beyond Pluto in the Oort Cloud.


Man indicted in death over cleaning supplies, fried chicken


6 Cancer Causers at Home You Should Get Rid Of


18-year-old plans to marry long-lost father, move to NJ where incest is legal


What It’s Like to Date Your Dad


Too much pot: Growers struggle with glut of legal weed


This Dad Gives His Sick Son Marijuana Extract



A twist on planetary origins: Meteorites were byproducts of planetary formation, not building blocks


Doctor: Pubic Hair Exists for a Reason


Scientists reveal bizarre method sea turtles use to find their way home





Ukraine President Signs Mobilization Decree: 50,000 To Be Drafted


A Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For A Chemotherapy Alternative


Largest Fake Breasts in the World Goes To.


Consensus black hole theory called into question again.


NY lawmaker reintroduces recreational pot bill


Watch Green Comet Reach Peak Brightness This Week


See Comet Lovejoy at its Brightest

See Comet Lovejoy at its Brightest


Horny Dad Hosts “Playboy Mansion” Party For Daughter’s 18th Birthday So All Girls Wear Lingerie


Tyrone having a bad day at work


Al Sharpton Calls For Emergency Meeting To Address 'Appalling' All-White Oscar Nominees



George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action


Russia Cuts Off Ukraine Gas Supply To 6 European Countries


CME Impact Possible, Planets Lining Up | S0 News January 15, 2015


Legendary ‘Atlantis’ metal possibly found in 2,600-year-old shipwreck off Sicily


Rosetta's new to do: hunt for sugars in comet ice?




The Marijuana Show | Watch The Marijuana Show | Season One - Episode #7


He Spent 15 Years On His House And It Still Looks Normal, BUT Just Wait Till You See The INSIDE!


Meet The World’s First Heartless Human (Literally) Able To Live Without A Pulse



Earthquake Watch, U-Yen Storm, Active Sun | S0 News January 14, 2015


Man awakens after 12 years in coma, says he was aware of ‘everything’


Gum Wrapper Fire Starter!


Experts pledge to rein in AI research


The most fascinating cars at the Detroit Auto Show


15 Amazing Drone Uses That Will Make You Want One


Obama Declares War On "Extremism" – Are You An "Extremist"?


Which States Stand To Lose The Most From The Crude Collapse


Kentucky cop shoots off finger after gun store clerk hands him loaded weapon



FCC Chairman Joins Obama to Control Internet


Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors


This Is Not A Crater, So What Is It?



Wife chops off cheating husband’s penis, twice


NASCAR driver accused of abuse says ex is trained assassin


Attention-span-challenged Mars rover reaches summit, snaps photo


Neighbors dig up 42 mastodon bones


Have We Found Alien Life?


Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tour Grossed $51 Million in 52 Days


The marijuana effect


More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money



Ash plume from underwater volcano off Tonga cancels flights and turns sea red


OH COME ON: ISIS Just So Happens to Hack CENTCOM Just as Obama Is Announcing New Cyber Security Legislation? - See more at:

OH COME ON: ISIS Just So Happens to Hack CENTCOM Just as Obama Is Announcing New Cyber Security Legislation?




Genetically Modified Babies Already a Reality


THOR> 8 new Twin Earths discovered by science!


Nuclear Powered Cars Can Soon Be A Reality!

Nuclear Powered Cars Can Soon Be A Reality!


Scientists Believe They Have Discovered a New Species of Cannabis in the Australian Mountains


Reasons All Women Should Masturbate


Lamborghini 2015


Ferrari’s  most ambitious project



Could Earth's slowing rotation break the Internet?


Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie - See more at:

Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie


So You Think We Are The Most Advanced Civilisation To Ever Inhabit This Planet? Think Again! - See more at:

So You Think We Are The Most Advanced Civilisation To Ever Inhabit This Planet? Think Again!


Mysterious ring in Antarctica may have been caused by a meteorite


ISIS “Cyber Caliphate” Hacks U.S. Military Command Accounts


Netanyahu: Israel will welcome European Jews with open arms


Officers in Boyd shooting charged with murder




4th graders allegedly plot teacher's death


Google's plan to become your phone company


Investigation Alleges “Certified Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods (with Video) - See more at:

Investigation Alleges “Certified Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods (with Video)


Girl Proves That No Guy Is Too Big For A Condom


EXCLUSIVE: Punched and sexually attacked in prison, OJ Simpson hires a fellow felon named 'Smoke' to watch his back




Salt-Water Powered Car Gets Approval In Europe


Immanuel Velikovsky - Challenging Truths (Camera Three - 1964)


Saudi Prince Warns "We Will Not See $100 Oil Again", Calls Anti-Russia Conspiracy "Baloney"


Third Reich Maps of the Inner Earth


Illuminati 2015 - How To Kill New World Order And Save The World



Cosmic Ray Surge, GMOs | S0 News January 11, 2015


THOR> Holy Smoke! 3.8 Mag Comet Q2 Lovejoy is FAST & has a magnetic storm!


Drunken Australian rioters spoil sporting event (Video)


Police Officer's Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying


Rare ‘Ice Halo’ Appears In New Mexico Sky


Surprisingly Bright Comet Lovejoy Dazzles Skywatchers




Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years - See more at:

Did Humans Walk the Earth with Dinosaurs? Triceratops Horn Dated to 33,500 Years



Ready For Blast Off: Billionaire Charles Simonyi On What To Pack For Space Travel



SpaceX Launch: Dragon Craft Successfully In Orbit, But Attempt At 'Soft Landing' Rocket Recovery Fails


Space-weather, Geoengineering | S0 News January 10, 2015


Programming the Nation: Examining Subliminal Mind Control


Geo-Engineering Scientist ‘Terrified’ of Projects He Helped Create


The Road To War With Russia


I-94 in Michigan: 170 Vehicle Pile-Up Triggers Fireworks and Evacuation


Atlantis' Legendary Metal Found in Shipwreck


NASA Created Travel Posters for Real Earth-Like Planets



Mines on sunken 1917 German U-boat in Co. Cork waters to be removed


Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice after Treatment with Cannabis Oil


Solar Pole Reversal, Climate | S0 News January 9, 2015


Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'


Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died on 9/11 - See more at:
Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died on 9/11 - See more at:

Obama Has Killed More People with Drones than Died on 9/11


Incredible CCTV footage captures meteorite burning up in skies over Romania


Striped Bass Poacher Gets Jail Time

Unexplained Change In Europeans’ DNA 4000-5000 Years Ago Remains A Mystery

Mercury may be sole survivor of planetary pile-up


Do Mars Rover Photos Show Potential Signs of Ancient Life?



Wife Reacts After Husband Dies In Danby Standoff

Wife Reacts After Husband Dies In Danby Standoff


The First Shale Casualty: WBH Energy Files For Bankruptcy; Many More Coming


Hubble Telescope Captures Best View Ever of the Andromeda Galaxy


Ka-Boom! Two Black Holes Get Ready to Collide


Just As The Islamic State (ISIL) Gets Exposed As A Fake US Enemy, A “Wag the Dog” Terrorist Attack in Paris?


This 25 square foot unit grows enough fish and vegetables to completely feed one adult all year long. - See more at:

This 25 square foot unit grows enough fish and vegetables to completely feed one adult all year long.

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Cross with the Sun


NASA Observatories Take an Unprecedented Look into Superstar Eta Carinae


G3 Magnetic Storm, Fireball, Eta Carinae | S0 News January 8, 2015


Girl, 5, dies after being thrown from St. Petersburg bridge by father


Oklahoma Republicans don’t want state to sue Colorado over legalized pot


THOR> Tell NASA Comet Q2 LoveJoy is the Comet of the Century. Gettin' bright fast!


ALIEN EARTH baking under a RED SUN spotted 470 light years away


Only A New Gold Standard Will Save The U.S. Dollar - Steve Forbes


9/11 Truthers ATTACKED on CNN! 911! Memorial A&Ef or 9/11Truth Pamphlets


New Tick Borne Virus Unlike Anything Seen Before


Bitstamp exchange hacked, $5M worth of bitcoin stolen


Obama to Americans: Enjoy cheap gas, but don't count on it


Eight New Planets Found in "Goldilocks" Zone


6.6 Earthquake, HAB Bursts | S0 News January 7, 2015


Russia faces 'perfect storm' as reserves vanish and derivatives flash default warnings



Texas seismologists investigate quakes near old Cowboys stadium


E-Trade Baby Loses Everything


Murderous Son, Who Killed His Hedge Fund Father Over $200 Allowance


Watch Bill Gates drink water that used to be human poop


Artificial wombs: The coming era of motherless births


Some traders are betting on $20 oil


Aldi confirms up to 100% horsemeat in beef products


Pedophile Paradise: Bill Clinton’s Friends Accused of Murdering Sex Slaves



Bereaved push for greater access to loved ones' social media, email accounts


How to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed Easily in Your Own Home


Scientist Has A Bedbug Breakthrough After Subjecting Herself To 18,000 Bites


Comet Lovejoy closest and brightest on January 7


Vela Supernova Remnant - 1 gigapixel image


Earthquake Watch is Here, Galaxy Flares| S0 News January 6, 2015



SpaceX's X-wing rocket to attempt pinpoint landing on floating sea platform


1500' TV Tower worker filmed by a drone!



Hubble revisits an old friend: Iconic 'Pillars of Creation' revealed in unprecedented detail in incredible new images from space telescope

Two police officers shot in Fordham section of the Bronx

UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California


Earth under the influence of high speed solar wind stream

Potentially dangerous asteroid to fly by Earth on January 26

Man discovers passage to Egypt's Great Pyramid — under his house

After Decades of Searching, the Causeway for the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been Found - See more at:

After Decades of Searching, the Causeway for the Great Pyramid of Egypt has been Found

Mindblowing Microscopic Footage of Cancer Cells Being Eliminated by Cannabis Oil

People are fleeing N.J. faster than any other state, moving company says

Borsellino Family Football Center - Benedictine University

Egloo - Candle powered heater


The largest lynching in U.S. History took place against Italian-Americans

Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano

Magnetic Storm, Galactic Formation | S0 News January 5, 2015

University of Florida football player has a VERY unfortunate accident after scoring a touchdown (but it didn't stop him being MVP)

Star Found Shooting Water "Bullets"

Mars on Earth: How Utah's Fantastical Moqui Marbles Formed

Jokeland with Jackie the JokeMan Martling

Man With 2 Penises Tells All In New Memoir

Breaking: Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds - See more at:

Breaking: Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds - See more at:

Breaking: Burzynski Cancer Cure Finally Released By The Feds

Computer simulation of the universe to create realistic galaxies


Archeologists discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt - See more at:

Archeologists discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt - See more at:

Archeologists discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt - See more at:

Archeologists discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt

Earthquake Watch, Records Fall | S0 News January 4, 2015

Prince Andrew may have been secretly filmed with underage girl he is alleged to have abused

There Really Is An LSD Shortage, And Here's Why

US hunter 'shoots dead' historic first grey wolf seen in Grand Canyon for 70 years

WHAT IF? Asking the Dangerous Questions with Tom Wilson

THOR> The Coolest UFO photo EVER taken.

Sickening moment girl gang beat up man's girlfriend, shaved her head and wrote 'I got my a*** whooped' on her face after he pulled her out of car

Engineer employed at Bill Gates' mansion 'traded 6,000 child porn images using Gmail account'


Solar Flares, Weather Alert | S0 News January 3, 2015

The top 100 U.S. cities for douchebags

NASA wants to build a floating city above the clouds of Venus

4 Killed in Kentucky Plane Crash; 7-Year-Old Girl Survives

Sexual assault suspect SEVERELY BEATEN by acquaintance of victim

Billionaire Warns Of Massive Economic Crash That Will Wipe Out America’s Colleges

US slaps sanctions on North Korea after Sony hack

31 Coolest Snow Sculptures Ever

THOR> 10 years of EarthQuakes Animation & a good West Coast Question

Ancient Indian aircraft on agenda of major science conference

Are Farms Coming to an Industrial Park Near You?

Only War, Inflation And Financial Collapse Can End The Global "Plutonomy"

West Coast Quakes, Delta Spot | S0 News January 2, 2014

The 2.6 Billion Dollar Welfare Payment That The U.S. Government Gives To Wal-Mart

Why Rockefellers aim at destroying farmers worldwide

THOR> Comet Q2 LoveJoy is Magnitude 4.4 & Where to See it

Colorado seeks federal permission for state colleges to grow marijuana

Mystery Object Appears Near Milky Way’s Monster Black Hole


Israeli photographer 'horrified' at use of bloody shoe photo

VFX Featurette - Iron Sky The Coming Race Teaser

Sheriff's Office: Florida Man Decapitates His Mother

Lightning May Sink Mountain Summits

Scientists Discover That Cannabis May Reduce Brain Damage Caused By Alcohol

Solar System Set For Eventual Collision With Stellar Orange Dwarf

THOR> Birth Pangs - Asteroid Fight Club

"Decoding the Ice Age Floods - Wallula Gap" Graham Hancock

Three dead in Suffolk after 'taking ecstasy from dangerous batch'


Russians Rage Against America

Pope Francis Says Evolution and the Big Bang Are OK by Him

Cops arrest man tied to hacks on Xbox and Playstation networks

‘How to Stab a Jew’ Video Becomes a Big Hit On Palestinian Social Media

Teenager obsessed with TV killer Dexter stabbed and dismembered girlfriend

Massive 5,000-year-old underground city uncovered in Cappadocia, Turkey - See more at:

Jupiter and the Sun

Good News on Forests and Carbon Dioxide

Court Declares Captive Orangutan Is "Non-Human Person" And Deserves Freedom

Massive 5,000-year-old underground city uncovered in Cappadocia, Turkey







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